How to Use Your Liner as Shadow

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This tutorial will show you an amazing trick on how to turn your liner into a super-pigmented shadow!

Supplies needed: primer, foundation, makeup brushes, mascara and, of course, your favourite chunky black liner. Now scroll down, follow the steps below and stun with this gorgeous black shadow look!

Preparation: Before applying any makeup on, creating a flawless base that brightens and enhances your final overall look is an essential first step that you should not skip. Choose the right primer for your skin type and apply it to your eyelid. Even though you want the primer to cover your eyelid completely, your best bet is to use a very small amount of it and gently dab it on your lid with a foundation brush. This way you will create a smooth and soft base for your makeup. Then, conceal all your dark circles with a heavy duty foundation.

Step 1: The best way to apply your chunky liner is to deposit a generous amount of it to the top of your hand. Think of it as a palette.

Step 2: Next, grab your blending dome-shaped brush and dip into the colour. Make sure that your brush has grasped enough shadow.

Step 3: Gently swipe the brush across your crease line. The more firmly you press down with your brush, the darker the colour will be. You can blow on the brush after dipping it into the shadow to prevent any additional eyeshadow from falling on to your cheeks.

Step 4: Recoat another layer of your chunky liner on top of your hand. Dip into the colour with the brush and apply it on your eyelid. Continue this process until you have covered the whole lid with dark shadow. Lightly blend the colour to ensure that there are no harsh lines.

Step 5: Add 2 or 3 coats of lengthening, thickening black mascara to further highlight your eyes.

Step 6: This final step is optional. If you want your makeup to be more intense, go back and trace the lash line with your black liner. This should create a gradual, more glamorous look.


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