How to Walk Better in Heels

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Well, walking (dancing, sitting, running) in high heels is kind of an art. Not everyone can do it (and they are not supposed), but if you choose to start wearing heels, you should take the time to learn how to walk in them. There is nothing worse than a woman, who has on her feet the most beautiful stilettos, but doesn’t know how to rock them. There are a couple of rules that can help you if you are a beginner though.

Size matter – so as cliche as that sounds, the truth is over 80% of the women wear a smaller size shoes, than what they should actually be wearing. So the most important thing about heels (or any other shoes actually) is the fit – is should be perfect. A way to small heel will torture your feet. And in a way too big of a pair your feet will be pulling out. Not a good idea, right? So the best thing you should do for yourself is to get your feet sized at least once a year. That will assure for not making major mistakes.

Look for thicker soles – so the paper thing soles will most definitely make your foot-pillows hurt and they don’t give any support, so falls might really happen. Although shoes that have platforms then to be higher, that doesn’t mean that it is harder to walk in them. Actually it is exactly the opposite. Opt for thicker soles and higher platform, so as they will take off some of the pressure.

Get some hidden help – so instead of relaying totally to your foot-pillows you could get more support. That should be done with some metatarsal foot pads. They are usually made of silicon. You out them on the foot-pillows and you forget about any pain or sliding and slipping.

Pace – if you have never walked in heels, you should start out a little bit more down to earth, rather than going 5 inch and up. Knowing what you could and could not handle is good, you know? Start out with a two or three inch heel. Once you get used do the feeling and learn how to place your steps you can go higher, because at the end of the day – the higher the better.

Time out – if you are having a long work day or a night out with your heels on, don’t forget to rest for a while now and then, because, girl, you are not restless and your feet you get way too tired to function the way they should be. Once you are rested you will be able to walk better and your feet will then be stronger and your whole body will feel more comfortable.

Go with the flow – so when you walking in your boots or sneakers, do you think about every step you make? No, not really! It should be the same way when you are in your stilettos. Don’t stomp so hard, as if those were your last steps. Just try to step the same way you usually do. Another thing you can try, when you walk in the streets put on your headphones and some music that you like (Beyonce would be perfect) and just go with the music.

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