How to Waterline Your Eyes

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If you are always struggling to keep your inner waterline from smudging and fading away fast, then this step-by-step tutorial is perfect for you! It will show you how to make your line stay put with a simple trick using only a waterproof pencil and a Q-tip! You will learn how to create a smoother waterline in just a few seconds. The best part of this tutorial is that it’ll provide an imperceptible definition and structure to your face by filling in any gaps in between your lash hairs.


Step 1: Gently swipe a clean Q-tip or cotton swab along the waterline to dry it. This trick will help eliminate some of the moisture underneath your eyes, prevent smudging and make the liner last longer.

Step 2: Now, use a well sharpened, waterproof eye pencil to gently trace your waterline back and forth. If your hand feels unsteady, rest your pinky finger on your cheek for extra stability. When lining the lower waterline, it may help you to pull your lid slightly down away from your eyeball. This way you won’t accidentally poke yourself in the eye.

Step 3: If you see any tiny gaps between your lash hairs, then lightly dab the pencil in between each individual lash hair. Try not to blink as this may cause the liner to smudge. Depending on how deep and intense you want the line to be, continue tracing your lash line back and forth until you achieve the desired look.

Step 4: Look yourself in the mirror and clean up any imperfections with a cotton swab or with a Q-tip.

Step 5: As a final touch, highlight your eyes with several coats of your favorite thickening black mascara. As you can see, perfect looks do not necessary require a lot of time!










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