How To Wear Heels Without The Pain

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Ah, those high heels! Feminine and sexy, high-heeled shoes are the hidden weapon of every woman in the world. But the truth is that each of us has to deal with the pain after you take your heels off or even while you‘re wearing them! Here are several things that will help you master the art of high heels without injuring your feet:

The right shape

The most important thing you can do to eliminate the problems with your feet is to choose the right shape of the shoes, as well as their size. If you have flat feet, choose a pair of heels with a wider sole. Stylists advise to choose shoes half a size larger and then put silicone soles in them to be able to wear them longer without feeling pain even in summer when your feet are swollen. But it is especially important not to make a mistake by buying a number or two larger shoes because then they‘ll just fall off and you won‘t be able to wear them.

The right height

Every woman probably has heels in all heights and shapes. Because of that you are able to choose a pair depending on your schedule for the day and the places you have to go. If you are going to business meetings and shopping after work, choose shoes with shorter and wider heels. It‘s all about planning ahead what to wear and where to wear it.

Platforms are your friend

If you still have serious problems with wearing shoes with heels, you need to take into consideration buying platform shoes. They give you the height you are looking for, but are far more comfortable than the regular shoes. They have only one small drawback – men do not like them.

Foot Spa

Your feet also need pampering to feel good and refreshed! Do not forget to take a relaxing bath with aromatic salts while reading your favorite book or listening to music. Then remove the dead skin from your feet and be sure to moisturize the skin well. Put some oils on your feet, the put some socks on and go to sleep – in the morning your skin will be soft, fresh and the pain will be gone!

Secret of the dryer

Sounds a little strange, but this is the best way to soften new leather shoes and make them more comfy. Put them on and blow them with a hair dryer. Keep the blow dryer towards them just enough to damage the leather and the shoes. A minute later the shoes will be soft and comfortable.



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