How to Wear Long Skirts and Dresses with Slits

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There are a lot of women who think that if they want to attract a lot of male attention to their legs, they need to be wearing a short skirt or short pant so that their legs could be seen. However, this does not mean that this is the best way to attract male’s attention to your legs.

In fact, if you show them just a little of your legs, you can attract much more of their attention than you think. When you give some place for a male’s mind to wonder what is hidden under this piece of clothing, you leave them being curious about it.

The outfit that can do a great job about attracting some looks without showing too much of your body is a long skirt with a long slit. A similar job could do medium-length skirts with small slits and long dresses with long slits.

We have prepared a few outfit ideas for you to inspire you wear skirts and dresses with long slits. The great thing about them is that they can be either casual and sporty or elegant and more sophisticated. The choice is left to you and your personal style.

#1 Sporty chic

The first of our suggestion is suitable for those of you who like wearing sporty outfits. The look is perfect for a walk in the park, going shopping with friends, or even a casual Sunday brunch. The bottom part of the outfit is, of course, a long skirt with a long slit. We have chosen a white one and we have matched it with a grey autumn blouse, which makes the outfit perfect for the cool September days.

If you want to make the outfit sporty, then you can choose a sweatshirt with a hoodie. It will still match the skirt. As for the shoes, what better choice for a casual and sporty outfit than a pair of trainers. We have chosen a white pair to match it to the overall white and grey colors of the outfit.

And last, but not least, do not forget about the bag, it is an important part of the outfit. We have chosen to add a little contrast with the rest of the colors, but still not to be too bold. That is why we have chosen a small black shoulder bag. You could never go wrong with an outfit in black, white, and grey, especially if you have added a little elegance and casualness to it.

#2 Working girl

We have dedicated the next outfit in our list to the working girls.The outfit we have prepared for you if an ideal one for the warm but not hot days September. We begin, of course, with the skirt.

The one we have chosen is in light grey color with a belt from the same fabric and with big pockets on both sides. The slit this time, though, is not on the side, but in front. This will make the outfit even more interesting and unusual.

We have matched the skirt with a sleeveless blouse with collar. And if the weather gets too cold, we suggest that you bring with you a blazer.

For shoes we have chosen summer boots, or high heel short boots with an open toe.If you have some in your wardrobe do not miss to wear them as much as possible before the rainy season comes, after that there will probably be no other occasion to wear them.

If you want to wear accessories, then stick to the simple ones, like a watch or a short necklace, but definitely do not choose too big jewelries.

#3Elegant glam

Last, but not least, we have prepared an outfit for the elegant chicks. You can wear it both on first date, and even on more special occasion, because it is not too shiny and glamorous, but elegant enough to do both jobs.

This time we have chosen a dress instead of the skirt. A medium-length black dress with a slit on the left side will be a good choice because it is elegant but not over the top in a way that you can wear it only to a red-carpet events.

It would be best if the dress is with sleeves even if they are ¾-long ones. You can match it with a shiny set of jewelry to make it more glamorous and elegant, or you can stick to the simple kinds of jewelries (or even no jewelries) if the event is a bit more casual.

High heels, of course, are preferable for such kind of outfit. They are going to match it perfectly. A black pair of high heel sandals is a suitable choice. Get a clutch bag to make the outfit complete.

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