How to Wear Your Favorite Summer Clothes in the Fall

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As much as we may hate it, summer will soon come to its end and the cool autumn months will come. This is not good news for all who love summer and do not want it to end. Well, we surely can’t make the summer come back, but we can still do something that will remind us of summer in the fall. And this is our wardrobe.

If you have favorite summer clothes you do not want to keep in your closet until the next summer comes, but to continue wearing them in the fall as well, you can easily do this. Today we are going to show you how to match your summer clothes to your fall ones and keep the sense of summer with you during the cooler months of the year.

#1 Summer strapless dresses

One of the most important summer items you need to have in your wardrobe is definitely a dress. There are a lot of summer dresses with different designs and colors you can wear in the fall as well. Try with a short strapless dress. You can easily turn it into a fall one, all you need to do is to add a couple more items.

Wear the dress with a fitted shirt on top of it and on top of the shirt put on a boyfriend sweater. You can roll the sleeves of the sweater so that more of the shirt can be seen. If the dress is in bright colors, which is typical for the summer, you can choose darker colors for the shirt and the sweater to make it more fall-like.

You also should not forget about the accessories, because they are an important part of the outfit and can make it or break it. Flats are a good and comfortable choice for shoes. They will make the outfit cute and feminine.

As for the bag, it is best to stick to the small kinds of bags if you want to keep the simple girly look of the outfit. Last but not least, charm bracelets and pendant necklaces are a good choice for jewelries.

#2 Sleeveless top

Other essential items from our summer wardrobe are sleeveless tops. They are very easy to match, basically with a pair of jeans, shorts, or a skirt, and do not take a lot of room in your wardrobe. If you really like your summer tops, you can rework them for fall. All you need to do is to put on a long-sleeve blouse under the sleeveless top and this way you will have two-piece top perfect for the fall. You can continue wearing it with a pair of long jeans or a pair of black pants. As for the shoes, you can choose both flats and high heels depending on the rest of the outfit and your personal style.

#3 Shorts

Another item young girls simply cannot do without in the summer is short pants. They keep one’s legs cool and make them look longer. However, when fall comes ladies sadly fold their short pant and put them in the wardrobe until the next summer comes. Well, it is not necessary to do this especially if you really like these items. What you can do is to put some pantyhose on before you put on the shorts. It would be almost like wearing a short skirt with pantyhose.

You can also try layering – it will keep you warm in the cool days and it is very fashionable. Match your short pants with a long shirt, or with a cropped top and a fur vest. Layering gives you the opportunity to try a lot of different combinations you have never tried so far and to look really good. You can also wear the shorts with a matching blazer to make the outfit classy and chic.

#4 Floral dress

Last, but not least, we will make a typical floral summer dress suitable for the fall. We all know that flower patterns are more suitable for spring and summer than for fall. That is why you can give some edge to this dress and make it a perfect choice for the fall as well. Wear it with black shoes and a leather jacket. Leather will make the dress not so girly and feminine which will work as a very good balance between seasons and styles.

As for the shoes, they also play important part in the outfit. If you chooselong or short boots, you will add some more edginess to the outfit, while if you choose platform sandals with close-toe, you will make it a bit more feminine. It depends on your choice. The last thing you need to remember is to have fun when matching your clothes.

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