Inspire Yourself to Try New Fashion Combinations This Spring

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There is not a better time in the year than the spring if you are searching for something fresh and new to add to your wardrobe. This is because people are tired of the dark and thick clothes, and are willing to try something new, even it would not be something that they would normally wear.

That is why we decided to mix fresh spring colors with typical and non-typical everyday outfits to encourage you to try something new this spring. Find something that makes you feel comfortable and still try to get out of your comfort zone. Here are some combinations that will help you understand what I am talking about.

# Colorful hats

And I am not talking about the usual R&B hats, but the sophisticated panama hats. Women are used to wearing either white, beige, or black panama hats, that they do not give a chance to all the other colors which will suit this kind of hats perfectly. This spring you can show everybody that green, red, yellow and blue can also be great colors for hats, especially for panama or even fedora hats. You can match them with a casual pair of jeans and a top.

# Colorful pants

Many people think that colorful pants are for kinds. In other words, they are afraid not to look childish when wearing such pants. Well, there is nothing wrong in looking younger, right? But if you still have doubts about it, you can start with wearing darker colors.

For example, instead of the traditional blue jeans, try green ones – a color that is both similar to and different from the ones you are used to. Or instead of the traditional white pair of pants, you can put on a yellow pair. It is still a light color, but different from the majority.

# Denim jacket

In the last couple of years it may have been strange to see a person wearing denim jacket, because they were considered old-fashioned. This year, however, denim is making a comeback. You will start seeing more and more people wearing denim jacket on the streets. You can be one of them as well – being fashionable, but not commercial.

# Do not forget about the prints

Prints are very popular in the warmer months of the season, but still a lot of women prefer to avoid them and to stick to the traditional one-colored clothes. This season you may try to get out of your comfort zone and try some printed clothes.

You can start with some scarves even, or with shirts, but you should have at least one piece of clothing in print. It it not necessary to be a print that you do not like. If you are not into dots or lines, you can try with animals and flowers. There are a lot of prints, you just have to find the best one for you.

# Forget about black handbags

Women are used to having only black handbags, because black suits every other color, which means that they can wear the bag with whatever colors they want. Well, black is really a great color, but you can give it a break for this season. Try with something more colorful, like green or blue. You will see how much fresher your overall style will become.

# Statement bag

Statement bags are great way of expressing yourself. Another thing they are best for is working as a conversation starters. If you do not know how to break the ice on a first date, simply put on a statement bag. The person you are with may use it to ask you some questions and this may even turn into your personal joke. Statement bags will also make you feel like a fashion icon since they will catch a lot of people’s eyes. So, do not be worried if people on the streets are staring at you.

# A dress and sneakers

Wearing a dress does not require from you to always look elegant as if you are going on a cocktail. Sometimes you can wear dresses with sneakers and still look fabulous as hell. This way, if you do not normally wear high heels, you will not have the excuse not to wear dresses.

You will see how comfortable they may be, especially if you choose the right material and the right type of dress for you. You may even choose a printed dress and to match it with s white pair of sneakers, this way you will combine two of the fresh spring trends we offer you.

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