Intense, Dark and Sparkly Eye Makeup Look

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Don’t you just love a gorgeous makeup look that can also compliment your eye shape? That’s what this intense, dark and sparkly eye makeup tutorial is all about – achieving an intense effect everyone is so desperately trying to achieve.

Apply a base for eyeshadows. In other words, you need to apply primer all over your face and eyes to soften the skin, seal the pores, and prepare the skin for the makeup application. As shown on the picture, apply a dark shadow on the entire eyelid.

Line your upper and lower lash lines with a black pencil. Take a small brush dipped in black shadow to distribute the colour below your waterline. You can blow on the brush after dipping it into the shadow to ensure you won’t ruin your eye makeup with unwanted shadow dust.

Apply dark eyeshadow to the crease line. When applying this color along the crease, don’t let your brush get out of control. If your hand feels unsteady, rest your pinky finger on your cheek for extra stability.

Gently blend the transition between the colours. Blend the colours very lightly by sweeping the brush from side to side for a smoky, sultry look.

Add a bit of black colour on top. Using dark bronze pigment, gently blend the edges.

Apply taupe to the outer corner of your eyelid and white shadow to the inner lower lash line.

Fill in the eyebrows properly to highlight your intense black smoky eye look. Now it’s time to trace your upper lash line with your black liquid eyeliner. Draw a medium thick line on your lash line, creating a beautiful wing at the end. Place your hand against your cheek to ensure additional stability and control.

For a final touch, apply black mascara on both your top and bottom lashes to achieve more natural, glamorous look. You can even try mascara that contains a little bit of sparkle! If you want to further highlight this sexy black makeup, consider using false eyelashes. To apply them correctly, place the strip on your eyelid, positioning it as close as possible to your natural lashes. Allow the glue to dry naturally. Apply 2 to 3 coats of black mascara on both your top and bottom lashes. This will help achieve more natural, glamorous look by blending your natural lashes with the false ones.



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