Interesting and Cute Ideas to Create Your Own Christmas Tree at Home

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The days go by fast and Christmas is in less than 10 days’ time. There are still some people, though, who do not have a Christmas tree and have not decorated their homes for the holiday. Some people do not have time to worry about that while others simply do not want to use a real Christmas tree because they do not want to “kill” it.

If you, for one reason or another, do not want to have a real Christmas tree at home, you can try these ideas to create your own unique Christmas tree. This means that you will need some regular household or everyday objects for this. Let’s just move on to the ideas we have prepared for you. Check them out!

#1 Christmas tree made of lights

The first of our suggestions is quite simple to do and the end result is amazing. You can be sure your guests will like the idea and will appreciate it even more than if you had a regular kind of Christmas tree. The only thing you will need is a line of Christmas lights and a free wall in your house. This way you will create a Christmas tree made of lights. Just attach the lights on the wall with some scotch tape in zig-zag way.

If you are not sure that the scotch tape is strong enough to hold the lights, you may use a wooden board where to put the lights using a hammer and some nails. You can use green lights only to imitate the green color of the Christmas tree and then you can attach some Christmas balls and other toys on your tree.

#2 Christmas tree made of books

Here is the perfect Christmas tree for all bookworms – a tree made of books. What is good about it is that it is easy to be made and one would not need any other special items than books and probably Christmas lights and toy, but these ones depend on one’s personal taste.

So, you can create the tree by putting 4 equally big books on the floor alongside. Then put on top of them three other books which again should be more or less as big as the first ones, or they could be a little smaller than them. Then on the next row of books put two other books, and lastly put another book on top.

This way you will create the triangular shape of a Christmas tree. If you want, you can make you tree bigger by adding some more rows of books, but remember to follow the same pattern. Lastly, you can decorate your tree with some Christmas lights, or simply to put a star on top.

#3 Christmas tree made of pictures

The next DIY Christmas tree idea is my personal favorite, not only because it is original, easy to be made and extremely cute, but also because it is very personal and sentimental. And this is a Christmas tree made of pictures. If you have plenty of pictures of you and your family, you could do this tree at home. Apart from the pictures you will need is some scotch tape and free room on some of your house walls. Choose one in your living room, for example.

As for the number of pictures you will need, I cannot tell you exactly how many you will need because it depends on the size of the pictures you have and the size of the Christmas tree you want to create. But basically you have to follow the pattern – put horizontally on the wall 5 pictures. Then above these 5 pictures, put 4 more and place each one in a way that is above the two of the pictures below. Basically, you need to “build” a pyramid made of pictures.

The last row of picture need to contain only one picture. You can also add some garlands if you want, or leave the tree the way it is. Before you stick the pictures on the wall it is best to decide where you want them to be and to mark the spots. This way it would be easier for you to do it and there will be little chance for making mistakes.

#4 Rope tree

The last of our ideas is the Rope Tree. To create it you will again need some free room on one of your living room walls and a long piece of rope. You can use green one, or you can mix it with red and yellow ones if you like. You will need some scotch tape again to attach the rope on the wall. Put it again in a zig-zag way to create the shape of a Christmas tree. And of course, the bottom part of it should be the biggest and the top one – the smallest. You can also put some pictures, Christmas toys and garlands on your “tree”. Attach them with scotch tape as well.

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