Interesting facts about fashion you do not know

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You probably think that you know all about fashion – you follow the fashion trends every year. You buy clothes in the latest fashion or you try to match some of your old clothes so that they look new. However, there are some facts about fashion you do not know. Here are 11 of the most interesting and fun facts about fashion.

  1. The skirt is the second oldest type of garment in the history of women’s clothing. The first place goes to blouses. The first blouse was made of animal skin.
  2. The color purple was the most venerable color in the Roman Empire. It was so much worshiped that only the emperor and his family had the right to wear clothes in purple.
  3. The first fabric that people started to sell and buy was red. They measured it by their arms – one arm width and one arm length. American Indians used bands of these fabrics to tie them around their heads.
  4. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth I always wore 50 pieces of accessories and clothes? However, it is not whether she did it out of superstitions or because this was the etiquette of the royal court.
  5. The ladies who appeared before the court when Napoleon Bonaparte ruled France had to be dressed in long white dresses only, nothing else.
  6. The first proprietary bras were made out of handkerchiefs in the first half of the 20th century. There is some evidence, however, that women vikings also wore some kind of bras so that they can fight more easily.
  7. During the Second World War socks were so fashionable that when people had to be barefoot they drew their feet so they pretended they wore socks.
  8. In Medieval times people considered white dresses a symbol of sadness until Queen Victoria decided to wear a white dress for her wedding day
  9. In ancient times Greek prostitutes had to walk barefoot with an inscription on their feet “Follow me”.
  10. In the past not only women but men also wore high heels. While men were riding horses these shoes were used to balance their postures.
  11. In Medieval times women wore alive chameleons as an accessory, usually brooches. They used to stitch up them up on their clothes so that the animals did not fall down.

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