Interesting Hairstyle Ideas When Wearing a Hat

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Hat are one of the greatest fashion accessories. In the winter they protect us from the cold weather, and in the summer they protect our heads from the strong sun. Doctors recommend not forgetting about wearing a hat, no matter what the weather is like. This is great since there are amazing hats we can put on, but when it comes to having a hairstyle it is a bit difficult to pair it with a hat because hats tend to get tangled or mat. So, how to match your hairstyle to wearing a hat? Easy, just try some of these hairstyles suitable for wearing a hat.


Here is a hairstyle that cannot be easily ruined after wearing a hat – braids. There are a lot of types of braids you can try, but the best ones would be the ones which is not right under the hat. For example, make two low braids, like a schoolgirl braids, but looser and much lower so that they do not be touched by the hat and you are ready. Fast and fashionable.

Loose low bun

When people think of buns, they would often imagine more of a business atmosphere, but this, of course, is not always so. Especially not if you have a loose bun, instead of a tight one. This is also a great hairstyle if you want to wear a hat. Just make a low loose bun so that you put your hat above it, or a loose high bun so you can put your hat on top of it. This way, even if your bun gets messy, it would look like it was on purpose, because after all, it is a loose bun. So do not forget to keep this hairstyle in your list when you are thinking of a hairstyle good enough to wear with a hat.

Beach waves

Here is a lovely romantic hairstyle which, in fact, if easy to do. Well, here is another reason why you should wear it – it is a perfect hairstyle when wearing a hat. Straight hair can easily become frizzy after wearing a hat, especially in the winter, whilst curly and wavy hair cannot be ruined so easily. If you want to make sure your waves stay all day long the way you made them, without getting matted, make sure you concentrate on the lower part of your hair. This should be the one which will not be covered by your hat. This way you will be best able to preserve your hairstyle for a longer time.

Pulled up with bangs

This hairstyle is suitable for sun hats, rather than winter ones. And now you are going to find out why. Part your bangs to the side. Then get the rest of your hair and make a bun of it. First make sure you tie it in a strong ponytail, so it does not fall apart, and then roll it around its center. Get another hair band and secure your hair with it. Then put the hat on your head by leaving the bangs outside of it.

Sun hats are able to hold the hair better than the winter ones, especially the woolen hats, which can hardly secure a bun if you have one. So, make sure you try this hairstyle with some kind of fedora hat, or similar one. If you are worried that your bangs will not stay to the side, backcomb them a little before putting the hat on or you can also use some bobby pins to keep them to the side. And after that you are ready.

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