Interesting Manicure Ideas Suitable for the Fall

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Fall is one of the seasons a lot of people like because of the beautiful colors of the nature. All the red, orange, brown, and yellow hues from the falling trees are often inspiration for a lot of artists. It is often said that this is the season when people produce the best pieces of art because of the weather.

Well, I do not whether you are an artist or a person who has nothing to do with it, but when it comes to the beauty industry, you could let yourself be inspired by the season and the weather.

Today we are going to focus on a part of it in particular and this is nail art. We are going to show you some nail art ideas suitable for the season. This way you can be inspired by them and use them as inspiration for your next manicure.

#1 Geometrical shapes in autumn colors

The first of the ideas in our list is both inspired by the annual manicure trends (geometrical shapes) and at the same time by the current season (autumn colors). This way you could be fashionable in two ways. So, here is an example of such kind of manicure.

You need to start with a white color base. It could be a nude one of you prefer but if it is white the orange and brown hues will stand out even more. Then for the geometrical shapes you could try different ones, but we have chosen small rectangular ones.

You could apply a couple of such rectangles in brown, orange, red, and yellow on your nails. You could choose only one such combination or change the color combination for the other fingernails.

#2 Wine Red and Golden Glitter

The next manicure idea is a very easy one and at the same time very pretty. You are going to need only two nail polish colors to make this manicure idea – a dark autumn color and a golden glitter.

The first of the colors you could change if you like. You could use wine red, for example, or dark emerald green, or even dark beige color. Apply them on all your fingernails apart from your ring fingernails.

On them you need to apply the golden glitter. As you can see the manicure is a very traditional and simple one but a classy one. You could change it a little by applying some of the golden glitter on the already polished nails and this way to make the interaction between the two colors even stronger.

#3 Dark Red Ombre

I have called this manicure idea Snow White mostly because of the apple in the story. We all know that Snow White bites the poisoned apple and “dies” until her true love, the Prince, wakes her up with a kiss. The manicure is inspired by the apple in the story which means that it is all in red. To achieve the interesting color of the apple, you need to use the Ombre technique.

This manicure idea will be in dark red so make sure you use dark red hues. The best combination would be between three different ones – a normal red hue (not too light, neither too dark), a darker one than the first hue, and a very dark one. You can use a sponge or a beauty blender to apply the nail polish colors on your nails and to achieve the blended effect between the colors.

You do not need any extra techniques for this manicure because the ombre effect on the nails will do the job perfectly without being over-the-top or too little, but if you want, you could still spare one of your fingernails and draw some red apple on it. It will match the season of apples at the same time.

#4 It is all about decorations

The last suggestion in our list is for those of you who love manicure decorations. You could be inspired by the season and have the symbols of fall, apart from the colors, on your fingernails as well.

For example, you could have a manicure with a pumpkin on one of your fingernails and the rest could be in similar orange shade. Draw the outlines of the pumpkin in black and the main part of it in orange. Make sure it is round with a small dent on the top middle part where you need to draw the stem of it in green.

Another nail decoration suitable for the season is leafs. It is one of the obvious ones but it can get you in that fall mood which will make you feel good and ready to face all the good things the season is going to bring you.

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