Interesting Places to Visit in Cuba

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Cuba is one of the countries in the world that people have heard a lot of different things about. Fidel Castro, the communist regime, rum, cigars, the Cuban music and dances are some of the things which are very popular about the country. It is true that there are things that people adore and do not like about it but one should visit the country themselves and not rely on contradictory statements.

If you decide to visit the country, there are some places which you surely need to visit if you want to get to know the Cuban culture and history better. And today we have prepared a list with such places for you. Here are some interesting places to visit in Cuba.

#1 Havana

Of course, there is no way one could miss to visit Havana, the capital of Cuba. This city consists of everything a person has in mind about Cuba. There are retro vehicles in bright and vibrant colors, like green, pink, green. There are also retro building which again are very colorful. You can find them in the Old Town of Havana, which is called La Habana Vieja. You can see some street performers playing music and singing.

Do not miss to stop by them and even have a word or two if you can. The architecture all over the city is amazing and you should just take a moment and admire it. Such buildings are Gran Teatro de La Habana and Museo Napoleonico. There are some monuments which you could find interesting to take a picture of, like the monument to Antonio Grades and the monument of the Street Person. There are a lot of things to visit in Havana.

#2 Trinidad

Since we mentioned the interesting architecture in Cuba, you should also do not miss to visit Trinidad. It is a town with old and colorful buildings and it is a place with probably the richest history of all in the country. The Old Town is included in UNESCO heritage sites and one is allowed to only walk there on foot or to be on horseback. The streets are cute and cobbled and you will surely enjoy walking on them. You should also do not miss to visit the Plaza Mayor, Casa de la Musica and Museo Romántico.

#3 Viñales

The next place in our list is connected to one of the iconic symbols of Cuba – the Cuban cigars. There is just no way to miss watching a local person roll tobacco in a cigar, or even to try some of the local cigars yourself. And if you are even more interested in the process of tobacco production, you definitely should visit Viñales Valley.

Apart from its amazing nature which you can admire, you could see how tobacco is produced there and you could also go to some cave-watching since there are numerous such ones there. There is also a place where you could take a break from the walking and have something to eat and drink enjoying the green scenery around.

#4 Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos is another place which you should not miss visiting while you are in Cuba. It is considered to be one of the “jewels in the crown” of Cuba, known as the Pearl of the South, because of the stunning bay Bahia de Jagua.

Another reason for Cienfuegos to be called this way is its architecture is more of a French one and not Spanish because it was founded by the French and not the Spanish. You will see the difference between this type of architecture and the one in the other towns in Cuba.

You can enjoy your time in Cienfuegos admiring the buildings some of which date back to the 1950s but are very well preserved. You can also visit the main square, have a cup of delicious Cuban coffee and maybe have some French or Spanish lessons.

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