Interesting Summer Manicure Ideas to Try on Your Own

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Since summer is officially here, we can officially turn our attention to this season and all the trends that it is bringing. Today, however, we are going to focus not only about the specific trends but also on various ideas and interpretations of the trends.

Today we are going to focus on some fresh manicure ideas for the summer you could try on your own. Some of the colors are current trends and some of the designs as well. And of course, there will be some typically summer ones as well. So, check them out!

#1 Peachy nails

The first of the manicure ideas in our list is generally one which is easy to be applied and even one who is not professional can do them easily. You will need three nail polish colors. The first one is a peachy nail polish color, the next one is black and the last one is white.

What you need to do is to apply the peach nail polish color on all of your nails apart from the ring fingernails. These two will be the ones in black and white. Polish the two of them in white and let the nail polish dry. Then using a thin nail polish brush draw a black vertical line in the center of the fingernails.

And you can leave your manicure like that. Or if you wish you could draw a thin black line on some of the other nails polished in a peachy color, for example on your middle finger color.

#2 Cupcakes

The next summer nail trend is quite a typical one for this time of the year even if it is not a thematic one. Women in some way think of cupcakes as a summer kind of manicure decoration and that is why they are in the list.

You could choose pink and brown for the cupcakes and lemony green for the main color of the manicure. You could actually choose two different yellow colors to be the main ones – the other one, apart from the lemony green, some typically yellow one. Here is what you need to do.

Apply the lemony green color on the middle and the ring fingernails as a main color and then apply the yellow polish on the rest of the fingernails. Let the nail polishes dry and then move on to drawing the cupcakes. You need to draw them on your ring fingernails. The brown color will be for the bottom part of the cupcakes which you need to draw in a square-like shape.

Then draw the top part of the cupcake in an ice-cream-type of shape. You could draw the outlines of the top part in brown as well to make the pink stand out more. If you wish you could add some hearts on the other fingernails to complement the cupcakes.

#3 Cherries

The next manicure idea which is in our list is both a summer nail trend and a typical decoration for the summer. One of the top colors this season is red. And the typical decoration is cherries. They are one of the summer fruits that people like a lot. So, here is what you need to do to.

You will need three nail polish colors: red, white, and green. Apply the red as a main color on the nails apart from the fingernails. For them you will need white. Once the main colors have dried out, you can move on to drawing the cherries. You may draw a few small cherries, or you could draw only a big one. Use the green to draw the peduncle of the cherry and you could add a leaf or two.

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