Interesting Superstitions about Love from All over the World

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Love is something everybody wishes for. Of course, there are different types of love, but the dream of the pure romantic love accompanies people from their teen ages or even earlier. Young girls often imagine how their lives will be, how they will get married, and what their husband will be like.

And that is probably why there are a lot of superstitions that connected with love. Today we decided to list some interesting superstitions about love from all over the world. Here they are!

#1 Wedding cake can predict your own wedding

There is a tradition in England dating back to the 17th century which says that a person can predict their own wedding using a piece of wedding cake. When you attend a wedding, you can secretly hide some of it into a plastic bag.

Then at night put the piece of cake under your pillow, of course you can keep it in the plastic bag the whole time, and sleep on it. The same night you will have dreams about your future husband. It sounds like a sweet belief and if you believe in superstitions, you can try it out yourself the next time you go to a wedding.

#2 Dreaming about fish

There are a lot of people who seek answers about life in dreams. And this surely goes for love predictions as well. One such superstition says that if you dream of a person on Valentine’s Day, then this will be your future partner.

Another superstition which comes from Africa is that if a woman dreams of a fish, then she will soon get pregnant, or that some close to her is pregnant. It surely sounds interesting and it could easily lift your hopes up, so remember it is not certain.

#3 Pinch for good luck

Another interesting belief about love and weddings comes from Egypt. There is an old tradition which says that if the guests pinch the bride on the big day, then her family life will be a happy and long one. Since people still ask other people to pinch them to see if they are not dreaming because the moment is an amazing one, then I suppose asking a person or two to pinch you will not hurt trying. Or would it?

#4 Counting white horses

We all know that when a person could not go to sleep, they need to start counting sheep. This will make them sleepy and this is how they will solve their sleep problem. There is a similar sleeping exercise which comes from Texas but this time it is all about love.

It says that if a person counts 50 white horses, the next person they will shake hands with will be their future husband or wife. The fact that the sheep have been substituted with horses may derive from the belief that horses are a symbol of strong families.

#5 Tossing a coin into Trevi Fountain in Rome

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy is one of the most famous fountains in the world not only because it is extremely beautiful but also because it is connected to a lot of beliefs.

One such belief is that if you toss a coin into the fountain with your back turned against it, you will return to Italy. But this is not all, if you toss two coins into the fountain, it will mean that you will not only return to Italy, but you will also fall in love there. And guess what, if you toss a third coin into it, it will mean that you will not only return, fall in love, but you will also marry in Italy.

Of course, it may all be a trick to collect people’s money, but let’s not break romantic people’s hearts like that. Besides, if you really believe in something, it is bound to happen. So it is better to have beliefs and to dream big, then not doing it.

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