Interesting World Festivals in September to Visit This Year

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There are a lot of people who feel very sad that the summer will soon give its place to fall and that they have to wait another year for it to come back again. I personally am one of those people and that is why I decided to think of different things that will make me want to miss summer less. And what better way than traveling?

A person could actually visit some places where the weather is still warm and nice. And apart from that one can attend some events and festivals. That is why today we listed a group of interesting world festivals you could visit this September. So, hop on and enjoy the ride!

#1 Independence Day, Mexico

Independence Day is one of the biggest holidays in different countries that celebrate it. The same goes for Mexico the Independence Day of which is on the 16th of September. The country celebrate their independence from the Spanish rule back in the 19th century with a lot of fireworks, a big parade, songs, dances, and a lot of performances.

It is a suitable time to visit the country in order to get to know its culture better. You will see some traditional dances, hear the traditional mariachi sing, you will enjoy all the colors and energy in the air. Still you need to have in mind that there are some natural disasters that have happened in the country recently, like earthquakes and hurricanes, and if you decide to visit the country despite them, you need to be prepared.

#2 Braemar Gathering, Scotland

When people think of traditional symbols of Scotland, there are a few things they imagine: Scottish kilts, Scottish bagpipes, and an athletic activity – throwing of logs. This athletic activity is actually a part of special games which have been held in Scotland for a couple of centuries.

If you have been interested in seeing this part of the country’s traditional events, then this September is the time to do it. The games are called Braemar Gathering and are one of the biggest events in the country with a lot of visitors from all over the world coming to see athletes compete against each other trying to prove they are stronger than their competition. It is surely a big event where you could also see some British celebrities attending the games.

#3 Imilchil Wedding Festival, Morocco

Morocco is one of the destinations which has become quite popular in the recent years. It is very exotic and there are a lot of customs and traditions people from other countries will find interesting to observe. One such event is Imilchil Wedding Festival.

It is held every September and gathers a big number of people from all over the country. They are all single people, divorced, or widowed trying to find a partner. The festival lasts 3 days and the great part is that it is open to spectators, which means that tourists can safely observe this modern match-making festival.

#4 Whale Festival, South Africa

From the north part of the continent Africa, Morocco, we move to the south where another interesting festival is going to take a place this month. It is Hermanus Whale Festival in South Africa. As you can guess from the name of the festival, it is all about whales and more precisely whale watching.

The whales that have left the bay in spring are coming back home and are gathering at Hermanus bay where a long line of humans will be welcoming them back. Watching those amazing creatures swim in the ocean is not the only thing that the festival offers. One can also enjoy the on-shore music and dance performances as well as markets and other kinds of entertainment.

#5 Grape Throwing Festival, Mallorca, Spain

If you have missed La Tomatina in the summer in Spain, do not be sad because there is another festival which involves throwing fruits at each other and it is again in Spain. In the summer, there are a lot of fresh tomatoes, while autumn can offer grapes, so it is normal that the fruits involved in the festivals are seasonal ones.

The festival is held in the town Binissalem that is known for wine-making. It is going to take place during the last two weeks of September. The grape throwing fun will be held right outside the town, but if you do not want to get dirty and be a part of it, you can still join in the fun and try some wine-tasting, or enjoy the colorful street parades.

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