Is Navy Blue the New Black ?

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During the winter season fashion usually goes for dark colours, such as black, brown and grey. Usually black is the top choice for many women just because it goes well with almost everything and you don`t have to think too much about it. But do you know what happens this year? Well, the trend is dark again …. Dark, intense and classic, next season navy blue is the new black. Made famous by the British Royal Navy, the dark blue appears as next winter’s trend color. Wear it head-to-toe, as seen at Céline and Chloé, or as a heavy, men’s coat like those seen at Dries Van Noten and Jil Sander. Many other fashion designers put the accent on the navy blue shades in their autumn/winter collections.

Some of them even go further by saying “ Show me a women who has no navy blue in her wardrobe and I’ll show you a woman who lacks style. “. Seriously – if you still don`t have anything navy blue in your wardrobe, then you definitely need some time in the nearest mall. What`s more – it`s not just clothes. Shoes, accessories and even nail polish are also included.

If you are brave enough you should replace the black coat with a navy blue one. It won`t be difficult to match the rest of your clothes, especially if you are a jeans-lover. It fits perfectly with white trainers or black boots, too.

As far as the nail polish is concerned, we recommend combining navy blue nail polish with a hint of shiny gold – a really classy and stylish combination, which goes well with almost any outfit. It combines well with golden accessories and jewelry, which never goes out of style.

If you regularly follow the social networks, and especially Pinterest and Instagram, you have probably already have noticed the trend and may be you even have a “Style in Navy Blue” board, which is actually great, because you are generating thousands of lovely navy blue outfit ideas, which you could try and share with others, too.

Have you ever felt that navy blue does not get the attention it deserves? Well, now it is given the chance to shine and who knows – it may turn into our favourite shade. Navy blue rules this winter – and you`ll definitely love it! Black will always be stylish, but it could be too boring sometimes – don`t forget it!

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