Is Your Favorite Sleeping Position Good Or Bad For Your Health? Find out the Best and the Worst Ways to Sleep during the Night

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After a long and tiring day at work, people cannot wait to go home and to have some good night sleep. Of course, sometimes this plan does not happen. When one comes home, they find a lot of other relaxing things to do that, they postpone the sleeping for later. This, of course, is not a good idea if one has to get up early in the morning again. But sometimes even if a person has gone to bed early, they still cannot get a good night’s sleep. When they wake up, they feel tired, but the reason for this remains a mystery. Well, have you thought that the reason for you not getting enough good sleep could be in the way you sleep – your sleeping position. Here is a list of the sleeping positions and their best and worst effects on your body. Find your favorite way of sleeping and think about the consequences.

Sleeping on your back
Of course, we start with one of the most popular ways of sleeping, which is sleeping on your back. A lot of doctors consider this position to be quite healthy for your body. It is no wonder why babies sleep like this. So, if your sleeping position is the one that has been there all those years without realizing it, then you are lucky. Doctors agree that this is the best position there could be, because it is good both for your neck and your back health. Sleeping on your back keeps your spine straight and leaves the neck in neutral position. What would be even better for this kind of sleeping position, is to sleep on the mattress without a pillow. This will help your neck and you will not feel cramps there ever again. While sleeping on a large pillow or too many pillows will make your breathing more difficult, so try to avoid it. If you cannot sleep without a pillow, just choose a thinner one. There is another advantage of sleeping on your back, which women would be thrilled about. Sleeping on your back gives you fresh air all night long, while sleeping with a face pressed to a pillow could be the reason for a number of facial wrinkles. It appears that beauty sleep means also sleeping in the right position.

Of course, there are some cons to sleeping on your back. If you are a snorer, then sleeping on your back will increase the snoring. If a person snores, it is good to be sleeping in one side to reduce this unpleasant activity. But as a whole, if you do not have problems with snoring, stay on your back when you are sleeping.


Sleeping on your stomach
The next popular position is absolutely contrary to the firsts one – sleeping on your stomach. While sleeping on your back increased snoring, sleeping on your stomach prevents it. There are some people that claim sleeping on your stomach with some pillows under your body resemble a yoga position, which helps your back loosen up after being in an uncomfortable position during the day. But more or less these are the only two pros for sleeping in this positions. The rest are only cons, so experts recommend you to avoid sleeping in this position, or at least to mix it up every once in a while.

Even if some people consider this position good for their back, there is a pretty big chance that later in life, if they continue sleeping in this way, a pain in their lower back to occur. When a person sleeps on their stomach, they turn their neck to one side, so that they can breathe. This, however, will not only lead to wrinkles on their face because of the contact to the pillow, but will also lead to straining the neck. This will lead to unnecessary pressure on your neck and back, and thus in the morning it is not uncommon to feel pins and needles in this area of your body. So, it is better for you if you avoid sleeping in such a position.

Sleeping to the side
This is one of the most comfortable position of sleeping and that is why a lot of people prefer it, of course, that is before they go to sleep. They are not conscious of their body position especially if they toss and turn at night. Experts recommend this position to pregnant women. It is not accidental for the mother to sleep in the same position as her child (also known as fetal position). This way the pain in their back will be less. As for the rest, this is still a good sleeping position, because it will not alter your posture, and on top of that, it will help your heart health and will reduce any pain in this area if you have such.

As for the cons, sleeping in this position puts pressure on your stomach and lungs, and on all your inner body organs. So, if you prefer sleeping like this, you should be careful how much you press your belly with your legs. Give it some space and a chance to feel comfortable.

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