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I know that the next thing I’ll say is really sad and depressing, but if you are a working girl, you have to handle the responsibility: Leave the parties for the weekend and take good care of your beauty when the next morning the alarm clock is waiting for you to snooze it. So, after you realize the shock of the fact that you are a grown up and you have to look flawless at work and to be refreshed enough in order to work better, you can read these tips for a flawless look in the morning:

Don’t postpone the bedtime for a time that is further 11 p.m. Make sure that you have at least 7 hours of quality sleep. So, if you have to get up at 7:30, your latest chance to get to bed and wake up refreshed is 11:30. Count also the time for falling asleep, because sometimes it takes more than two minutes. It’s not an empty talk the rule that if you sleep regularly, you will look young and beautiful. There is actually a scientific fact, who proves that claim. From dusk until four o’clock in the morning, the skin produces the biggest amounts of melatonin – the hormone that protects the body from stress and free radicals. Which means, that night fun is reducing the level of beauty.

Don’t drink alcohol late at night. It is a well known fact that the alcohol is drying out the organism and the organism itself contains approximately 60% water. So, when your body is out of water, the skin will be out of water too and that’s how the wrinkles will come sooner and harsher.

Clean your face. The most important rule in my opinion is to clean your face properly before bed. I don’t care how tired are you, or that your makeup remover is out, find a way and clean that skin. Do know how many troubles you can bring if you fall asleep with dirty skin? The pores will clog and the pimples will come out, the blackheads will appear all over the face like someone sprinkled you with them. So, clean the face and moisturize the skin with light night cream.

Make a facial mask regularly. It will be great to refresh your face with a natural, homemade facial mask once in a while. Another great skin care is the steam bath and the exfoliation. You will remove dead cells, dirt and makeup leftovers, which are able to clog the pores, enlarge them and cause many skin issues like acne and blackheads.
Apply daily moisturizer before going out if you are not wearing a makeup. If you are going out without makeup on your face, you have to apply a layer of protection to your skin. This protection is needed because of the polluted air, the sun and the dry, cold air (if you are located in a winter country). Light daily, moisturizing cream will be a good solution to that problem. If you are having some redness somewhere around the face, you can use translucent mineral powder. It evens out the skin complexion and work as dirt protector.

Drink peppermint tea in the morning. In order to get rid of morning puffiness, drink a cup of peppermint tea. If the time at home isn’t enough, pour the tea into a takeaway cup and start the day as fresh as you wanted to be!
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