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Korea and Korean people are quite strange. We don’t know as much about the country, but then there are some strange trends that origin from there. Some of them people around the world don’t really understand. Especially if they are not Asian. But then there are trends that the whole world gets obsessed with!

One thing Koreans are great at is make up. And more specially lipstick trending. They know techniques we would never think of. And a girl must know a few things and always have surprises up her sleeve! Because a basic lipstick is way too boring and nothing special. And at the end of the day anyone can do that!

So why don’t you give a try to a trend that is very captivating and beautiful – the gradient lip look! It give an illusion and makes your lips very sexy and your look vulnerable in a way!

  • Begin by applying lip concealer all over your lips. If you don’t own one you can use a normal concealer. The thing to remember is that the concealer must be a shade or two lighter than your skin. Also you should cover your whole lips.

  • Continue with a lipstick – it should be very pale or nude one. Also you can us ea pencil. It will do the same job, just stick to the light shades – pale or nude!

  • Now here comes the ticker part. You should grab some light peach or pinkish lipstick (a pencil will work here too). Apply the product you have chosen only in the middle of the mouth in the inner corners. This will create the illusion we are searching for!

  • To get the finishing touch of the look you just should apply clear lip gloss! It could be a volumizing one if you would like, but be sure to pick one without shimmer!
    korean inspired lips

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