Life Changing Tips for Easy Daily Routine

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Here is one idea: spend your Sunday afternoon in sorting out your clothes. Take three boxes and label them this way: 1. Donate; 2. Recycle; 3. Restore. I’m sure that all of the boxes will not remain empty. First of all, remove the clothes that are in good condition but they are too big or too small for you or you just don’t like them any more. Put these clothes in the first box. Then, sort out the clothes that are too damaged for wearing. Put them in the recycling box and find the closest station for clothing recycling. And now comes the time for my favorite box – the Restore one. Put the clothes that need a few touches to become trendy and wearable again. Let me show you an idea for your jeans, let’s rip them off. Take a look at the tutorial and follow the steps one by one:

  • You will need two types of cheese grater – one smaller and one bigger.
  • First use the bigger grater.
  • Then use the smaller one.
  • And finally pull out some threads with a hook.
  • Done!


Another trick that will save the day is the one with the paperclip. What if I tell you that you can use it to wear your favorite shirt with a sports back. Use the paper clip to clip the bra straps, which will hide under the fabric. Your back will be naked, which is great, because this type of top look best when the bra straps are invisible.


The last suggestion is off the season, but it will become handy eventually – the knitted boots decoration. You can use them to wear boots with a winter dress and it will look super cute. You can learn how to knit them or you can buy them online. I already have boots knitted decoration, now it is time for you to have them. Enjoy!


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