Little Known European Cities Which are Worth Visiting

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When people discuss European destinations which are worth visiting, they are very likely to talk about Paris, London, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, and other famous cities. This way other less known cities do not take a big part in the top European tourist destinations.

This, of course, does not mean that these cities are not beautiful. On the contrary, there are some amazing and breathtaking places which are worth visiting but people do not know about them.

That is why we decided that today we are going to share with you some information of little known European places which can take your breath away. Check them out!

#1 Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg is one of the German cities which people would not think of first when it comes to Germany. It is known among some people for its university – the University of Heidelberg. It is a cozy city located on the bank of the river Neckar.

If you decide to visit it you should definitely not miss to visit the old part of the city where all the buildings are small houses. That is why you should not search for flats here. There is also a great chance that you will feel like you are in a fairytale while you are there.

Other places which you should definitely visit are Heidelberg Castle – the most popular landmark in the city, and Philosopher’s Walk.

#2 Ferrara, Italy

Here is another example of a city a person would hardly think of when they think about Italian cities worth visiting. This is Ferrara. The city is quite a historic place because it contains buildings which date back to the 14th and the 15th centuries.

Another thing which can impress a visitor quite a lot are the walls which surround the city, which are another ancient part of the city. You can admire the great architecture in the place which also includes cathedrals and broad streets. One could surely feel they have travelled in the past while walking around the city.

#3 Valencia, Spain

One of the cities one would not think of first when it comes to Spain is probably Valencia. Still, this place is a great one to visit not only in the summer, but in spring as well. Sometimes the winter temperatures can reach 17 degrees, which makes it a good winter destination for those who do not like cold weather.

The city is actually the third largest one in Spain and it is located near Palma de Mallorca – Spain’s most popular summer resort. If one goes there in the summer, they will have the chance to get some suntan on Valencia’s beautifulbeaches.

There are also good places to visit for people who are interested in architecture. There are galleries, museums, cathedrals, and a huge plaza which one should not miss to visit if they go there. So, put Valencia in your to-go list.

#4 Porto, Portugal

If you ask a random football (soccer) fan what “Porto” is, you are likely to be answered that this is a football team. This, of course, is true, there is a football team called Porto and this is because of the city it comes from.

Porto is a city in Portugal. It may not be the most famous Portuguese city, but it surely has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. One of them is the number of festivals which are organized in the city. Examples for such are the festival St. John which takes place in late June.

#5 Cork, Ireland

The last city in our list, but certainly not the last one which is worth visiting, is Cork. It is a city in Ireland which a lot of people find even prettier and a more attractive destination than the capital city Dublin. If you decide to visit Cork, you will definitely find people who are extremely welcoming and friendly.

The whole atmosphere is a bit laid-back, which means that you can fully relax if you go there on vacation. And since Cork is an Irish city, then you can be absolutely sure that you will get the chance to feel the typical Irish atmosphere with a lot of pubs, “foodie” restaurants, live music, and, of course, a lot of beer.

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