Long Ponytail Using the Inverted Trick

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Ever feel like you need a little more variety to your hairstyles? Ponytails are not reserved for bad hair days and sweaty workouts. This long ponytail look using the inverted trick will make your hairstyle even more amazing. Ditch the average and giddy up with looks that totally outdo the basic pony plus elastic. What are you waiting for? Pony up.

Step 1: Gather the hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck and secure with a rubber band. Use your hands and a brush to make sure that your ponytail is even and neat. Add another rubber band a few inches below the first one.

Step 2:  Using a couple of fingers, create a space in the hair just above the rubber band. For best results, try to make the hole as close to the elastic band as possible.

Step 3: Now, pull the ponytail all the way through the hole. Tuck the end of your ponytail down through the hole.

Step 4: Slide up the hair band to tighten for a strong hold. It’s easy to cover the pony tail holder with your hair, but this is also a great look to add a fun hair accessory to accent the back.

Step 5: Add the third elastic a few inches below the second one.

Step 6: Make another inverted pony following the same technique.

Step 7: Depending on how long your hair is, continue adding new rubber bands and making a few more inverted ponytails.

Finish your lovely inverted ponytail hairstyle with a light hairspray to keep it from falling apart. You may top off the style by adding some fancy hair pins at the base of each ponytail for a glamorous finish. You can also wear your long ponytail as it is or add a headband, some barrettes, or a ribbon.

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