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If you want to create an adorable look, you must create a proper hairstyle that will create such an effect. How about a braided bun design. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one if you want to achieve the very same look. Here we go:

  • At the beginning, you must prepare the hair for the hairstyle. Separate only the crown area of the hair and tie it into a high ponytail.

  • Then, start to split a braid at the bangs area.

  • Then, after a few splits of this braid, start adding strands of hair from the tail.

  • Wrap the whole hair with this braid, by adding strands from the tail in order to make a circular design.

  • When you make a full round, finish the braid as usual, into a regular braid.

  • Tuck in the excessive braided hair under the strands between the hair band and the braid.

  • Secure it with bobby pins.

  • Done!

This hairstyle is perfect for a garden party, but since the weather is a little bit chilly for garden parties, you can use it as a party makeup, because it is extremely detailed and you can split into it a glitter hair accessory to match the bright club and the glamorous outfit.

Such braided hairstyles are highly recommended for girls who have blond hairs, because the braids look much more detailed, enhanced and precise when the hair is blond. It is all about the light and the shadows. When the hair is dark, the shadows, made by the lids, blend in with the color of the hair and the braid doesn’t look so well enhanced. That’s not a reason for you not to make this hairstyle if your hair is dark colored.

So, choose an event and make this hairstyle in order to boost up your mood by looking great – have a lot of fun!

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