Lose Weight by Massaging These Points of Your Body

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Many people think that losing weight should be difficult, tiring, and even torturing. Not eating one’s favorite foods and having to exercise twice as hard seems as a nightmare to a lot of people. This is one of the reason people give up quickly and continue the circle of their old way of living and, of course, complaining about their extra pounds.

If you can recognize yourself in the above description, do not worry, because there is still a way you can lose weight without having to go on extreme diets and feeling uncomfortable about yourself. In fact, you can lose weight by massaging certain points of your body. At first you will find it strange and you will not believe it, but after this explanation you will probably believe it.

How does this work?

So, first of all, you have probably heard about Chinese medicine and how a person can cure themselves if they massage a certain point on their body. The greatest part is that nowadays these ancient Chinese secrets are no secrets anymore and everybody could practice them.

Usually these points are either on one’s hands, or on their feet. This method works because the nerves of your body are linked, so when you massage one part of your body it just triggers another nerve which help you cure yourself, or in this case – lose weight.

Which are the points of your body you need to massage?

There are 5 points of your body you need to massage if you want to lose weight. You should mainly massage them when you feel hungry because they turn off the appetite. After that you do not feel hungry anymore, but at the same time you will feel energized and fresh. So, here are the 5 points you need to massage and how and when to do it. Do not forget to follow the instructions if you want to meet results.

#1 Above the lips

The first point of your body you need to massage when you are feeling hungry is right above your lips. It is in fact the small part between your nose and your upper lip. You need to massage it daily, even two times a day, when you are feeling hungry and especially when you want to eat something that is not very healthy and good for your body weight. You need to massage the point in circular motions slowly. This is the best way to do it if you want to see the results coming.

#2 The beginning of your ear

There are a lot of points on your ear to massage if you want not only to lose weight, but also to get better and feel energized. In fact, there are about 200 points and when they are stimulated one’s overall body condition begins to function even better.

And if you are interested in this particular point which will make you lose weight by reducing the feeling of hunger you have, you will find it right where the ear begins. This is the point which basically connects the ear to your face. You need to massage it as much as you can in order to have the results you want.

#3 On your forearm

The third point you need to massage is on your forearm. It is on the inner part of your arm. The exact point is two fingers below the elbow, or the veins which are on the inner part of your forearm. You need to be careful with this point because a lot of people feel uncomfortable even painful while they are massaging it. So, make sure you are gentle. You need to massage it every day at least once for about a minute. This point helps the digestive system work well, so it is important not to forget about it.

#4 Under the knee

The next point you need to massage is on your legs. It is 4 fingers under your knee, right in the center part of your leg. It is thought that this point is very important for losing weight because if you massage it every day, you will lose 500 grams of your weight. This is not much, but if you think about the effortless way you are losing them, you will massage it daily.

#5 Above the ankle

The final point is again on your legs. The legs in general have a lot of sensitive points which are very important for losing weight. This final point is about three fingers above the ankle, but on the inner part of your leg. You need to massage it daily in circular motions. This massage will not only help you lose weight, but it will also cure any pain you may have around your heart, or it will relief any pressure in your hands or feet.

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