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A few people have fully symmetrical facial features. If you are not such a person, then you have to match the makeup designs with your unique facial feature. For instance, if your eyes have the annoying hooded lids, which rarely allow you to put something different from the eyeliner.

You shouldn’t get desperate because of this fact. Instead, you should search for designs that will match the shape and the type of your eyes.

Down below you will find a tutorial, specially designed for hooded lids. Take a look at the steps:

  • Prepare the lids with primer as usual. In fact, the primer is absolutely necessary when you want to cover a hooded lid with makeup.

  • Then, cover the lid, up to the crease with the main color, which in our case is a soft bronze color.

  • You can see in the 4th step how to apply the next color – above the crease, thicker at the middle and thinner at the sides. The color must be dark.

  • When this line is applied, you should connect it to the outer corner of the eye (the point where the lashes meet). It should look like an oval horizontal V letter.

  • Then highlight the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone.

  • Now move to the bottom lid. Cover it with a different, but matching color. I recommend you a kohl green pencil for the bottom lid.

  • If the size of the eyes allows it, you can apply black color at the bottom waterline. If not, apply nude-colored eye pencil in order to create an effect of bigger looking eyes.

  • Finish the look with liner at the top lash line and mascara.

  • If you haven’t shaped the brows yet, that’s the moment when you must do this step.

  • Done!

makeup for hooded lids

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