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I don’t know if you know, but the camera is hungry for makeup. I have a friend of mine who entered a TV reality show and one night, after the shooting of some scenes, she came at my place and I was truly terrified by her look. Her face was all covered in makeup, a lot of makeup – bright color in her cheeks, huge eyebrows; very dark eyeshadows and thick eyeliner, accompanied by faux, extra-long lashes. I asked her immediately why the h… she looks like this and she answered that this is a required makeup design for the camera. And when I saw the show, she looked absolutely normal, not like the scary doll that came to me last night. If you have something like like that upcoming in your appointments list, you have to learn how to apply so much makeup and how to look good at the same time. Let’s start with the eyebrows:

  • Maybe your brows look perfectly thick and well shaped on live, but when the flash brightens your face and when the camera capture it as well, you will look like you don’t have eyebrows at all. You have to fill them in with some color and you have to shape them if needed.
  • First, line the desired shape of the brow. If you have a beautiful and natural shape of the eyebrow, just trace it with the pencil.
  • Then, fill it in with delicate motions of the hand. In fact, I recommend you to use a flat brush to fill in the brow in order to imitate the natural texture of the eyebrow.
  • Then, highlight the eyebrow and comb it one more time with a clean brush in order to remove the excessive color.
  • All done! Now continue the rest of the makeup the same way – bold and colorful!

makeup for the camera

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