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You know that there are different types and sizes of eyes, which means that you have to analyze yours and then get some information and makeup designs for your eyes type and size and then learn how to apply makeup. It is extremely important to consider the  type and the size in order to end up with a stunning look after you applied some makeup on your eyes. Today I want to talk about hooded eyes, the one with dropping, hooded lids, because  they are the most difficult to be decorated with makeup. The other shapes (almond, round or narrow) are much easier to be covered with shadows and designs.

The problem with the hooded lids is that  your eye will look extremely small if you apply classical makeup designs, like the black pencil contour or the Smoky makeup. Another issue is the fact that the lid below the crease is all covered by the excess skin of the upper part of the lid – the hood. This happens when the eye is open, which is most of the time when you are wearing makeup. And when you apply dark colored shadows and other coloring products, your eyes shrink and look extremely small on your face, especially when you cover the lower lip with dark color. But don’t worry, there are a few tips which will help you wear the so-loved makeup design, only with a few adjustments, take a look:

  • Be careful with the liners and the eye pencils. Once you trace the lash line, stay with the eye closed until it dries out, even the non-liquid products can stain the hooded lid. If you have hooded lids, you have to brace yourself with patience, because you will have to wait 2-3 minutes until the liquid liner dries out completely, but you are applying a dry pencil or liner, 1-2 minute will be enough to prevent the mess.

  • When the skin is pressed together, it creates more oils in order to prevent dry rubbing, which means that your shadows and liner and etc., will disappear often and you will have to reapply them all day long. The trick is to opt for smudge-proof and waterproof mascaras, eyeliners and shadow.

  • In order to prevent the closed-looking eye, avoid using dark colors all over the lids. Concentrate on the outer corner of the lid and highlight the inner corner of the eye, where the tear duct is. Go for creating an almond shape with the colors and the shapes of the makeup, because the almond shape is the most comfortable shape for applying makeup.

  •  In order to make the eye look bigger, you can apply nude pencil to the waterlines – both top and bottom. The best way to apply it is to dry the waterlines first – use a cotton swab and carefully mop the moist from the waterline, then while it is dry, apply the pencil.

  • Go for cat-eye liner with long and softly curved flick at the end. Start the line at the middle of the lash line, don’t go the whole way to the inner corner of the eye.

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