Makeup Trick For Bigger Lips

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Some girls wish for bigger lips, while others enjoy their fluffy lips without the need of any makeup, plastic surgery treatments and procedures.

So, if you have thin and small lips, but you wish for bigger ones, you’d better try to make them larger with some makeup, don’t go directly to the beauty hospital. Firstly, see how you will look with bigger lips only with makeup and then go for permanent treatments.

You know the contouring, right? You can use the technique to make your lips look bigger. It will look natural and stunning. Just follow the steps and gather some makeup products:

  • Foundation.

  • Lip pencil in a color which is two shades darker than the natural color of your skin.

  • A lip scrub.

  • Moisturizer or lip balm.

  • Lipstick.

Before you apply the contouring technique to your lips, you have to make sure that they are perfectly smooth and soft, otherwise it will be notified that you have applied a lot of makeup products on them.  You can use a lip scrub, bought from a beauty store, or you can make it all by yourself. You will need a small container, a tablespoon of white crystal sugar and a pinch of honey. Mix the two ingredients in the small container and rub the lips with the mixture for a couple of minutes. Then rinse with water and moisturize immediately. Wait a few minutes until the moisturizer work and then use a tissue to remove the excess moist.

Then prime the lids with foundation or concealer. Then outline the lips a little bit with the brown lip pencil.

Then make some lines at the center of the lips and finally, blend in a little bit.

Then apply the lipstick you want. If you choose darker color, you can even highlight the area around the lips in order to fix some mistakes and make the lips pop out.

Enjoy your bigger lips!


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