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The bigger the lips are, the sexier the look is. Well, this rule doesn’t apply to every single type of big lips. It only applies to this type that is the most kissable-looking. Today I want to show you a makeup trick that will make your lips look extremely kissable (if you skip the lip gloss layer, of course). So, simply follow the steps and they will lead you to this gorgeous result. Take a look:

  • Don’t mind the fact that the design is created with light colors – there is no escape from the exfoliation step. Start with it. The preparation of the lips is an essential step, otherwise the result won’t be the same. The easiest and fastest way to achieve smooth lip skin is to soften it with petroleum jelly first and then rub it with a homemade scrub (a mixture of honey and white crystal sugar). Rub the lips for a couple of minutes, then rinse and moisturize with natural lip balm.

  • Bravo! The lips are ready for the application of the makeup. Start with a concealer to even out the lip color with the complexion of the facial skin.

  • Then take a lip pencil, in color which is one shade darker than the natural color of your lips. Try to be extra careful at the cupid’s bow and at the corners of the mouth. Don’t outline the borders of the lips too much.

  • Then smudge the line a little bit in order to create a natural looking effect.

  • Cover the corners of the lips with darker pink color.

  • Cover the center of the lips with lighter pink color.

  • Apply transparent lips gloss, but if you want to save the natural-looking effect of this design, you should apply matte transparent lip gloss.

  • Done!

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