Makeup Tricks For Emergency Situations

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Every girl happened to deal with some kind of beauty problem in her life. Unfortunately, such a thing could happen to all of us and that’s why we have to be always prepared for the worst possible scenario. For instance, you might go to a vacation, but by the time you arrive at the place, you realize that your makeup kit is not in your traveling bag. Admit it, this situation borders with a total disaster. But my tip is to calm down and to keep reading, because I will show you several makeup tricks and solutions for your beauty emergency situations. Are you ready? Here are the tricks:

  1. If you desperately need a juicy lip color, you can create one on your own if you take a crayon, a simple lip balm, a spoon and a candle. Light the candle, put the crayon and a little bit of lip balm on the spoon and heaten them up. Take a toothpick and stir the products until they merge together. And voila! Now you have a beautiful, homemade lip color.

  2. Another needed product is the eyeliner. You can improvise if you have a mascara. Again, take a toothpick and get some color from the mascara and now you have an eyeliner. But also, you should be careful with the toothpick, because sometimes it could have a sliver, which might stick into the skin, or worse – into the eye. So, first check the toothpick and then apply the eyeliner.

  3. If you need to apply blush on your cheeks, but you don’t have one, you can always use some of the lipstick that you’ve created earlier with the crayon, if it is the proper color of course. Just remember to smudge it very well, so it will look natural and fresh.

If you have some more ideas and tricks, you can share them with us in the comment box down below. Just stay positive and don’t panic, there is a solution to every problem. Have fun!

makeup tricks for emergency situations

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