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I can’t imagine something more irresponsible (when we talk about beauty) than disregarding your manicure. It is absolutely inappropriate to get out of your home with ugly nails. It looks unprofessional and most of all – ugly.

If you want to be a good-looking girl, you must take a proper care of all of the little details, such as the manicure. I will show you an easy way to create a beautiful nail art, so that you won’t be able to make an excuse with arguments like: “I don’t want to spend money on manicurist”, well, now you will be able to create the manicure all by yourself, if you follow my steps, you will see how easy it is to prepare everything all by yourself, here we go:

  • File the nails first. Choose a favorite shape and achieve it with a nail file.

  • Then, wrap the area around the nail with tape in order to protect the skin from staining.

  • Paint the nails with white nail polish. If needed, apply two layers of the white nail polish for an opaque look.

  • Pour several colors in a bowl of water and make a decoration with a toothpick.

  • Dip the finger in the pattern and the nail polishes will stick onto the nail.

  • Repeat these steps with the rest of the fingers too.

  • When you are done, clean the mess with a brush dipped into nail polish remover.

  • Secure the nail art with a thick layer of top coat.

  • All done!

This nail art requires bright contrasting colors, for instance – yellow, blue, orange, pink, green, purple, etc. Just make sure that these colors matches.

If you don’t have enough time for such a nail art, you can always cover the nails with tinted nail strengthener. My one and only rule is to never put red nail polish if I’m not sure that I’ll be able to maintain in the next couple of weeks. My only advice is to do the same!

marble nail art

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