Master the Smudging Art

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Many makeup designs require smudging skills. In fact, every makeup design which includes eyeshadows require smudging skill, at least the basic ones. That’ why I decided to talk about the smudging art and how the master it. I will give you some very simple, but effective tips, which will save you time, but more importantly – they will teach you how to create better designs and looks. Take a look at the tips and try them right away:

  • The most important rule is to know which makeup brushes can be used for smudging. Usually they have rounded tips, but they can be both flat and circular. There are brushes with hard bristles and brushes for soft bristles. The hard bristle brushes are for small smudges, the ones that shouldn’t spread too further away from the shape. The soft bristles are for smudges that must be spread away from the main shape.

  • Be careful when you smudge the shape close to the lashes, if you smudge too much the color, the area above the lashes will be visible, which will make the lashes look thinner and rarer, which is not an option for a good makeup.

  • And one last tip – don’t smudge the bottom liner too low, because you will create an effect for tired looking eyes, OR, you can create an effect of smaller looking eyes, which is also not such a great idea. Take as an example the picture down below. You can see the difference – the low-smudged liner looks like you have a big black bag under your eye. The trick is to use hard bristle brush and to smudge the color as close to the lashes as possible.

These are the main tips and rules for the smudging art. Let’s sum them up: choose the right brush for the wanted design and be careful with the under fake dark bags. Have fun!

how to master the smudging art

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