Messy Bun For Cozy Look

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Even your self-time at home, being all alone, requires some good designs and styles, in order to feel good, and to feel beautiful. One of the coziest hairstyles is the messy bun. But I’m not talking about a design that will make you look like no one must see you while being at home, I’m talking about a design that will make you look all sexy and sweet, while feeling comfortable in your own home – the perfect look for a lazy sunday afternoon. Take a look at the steps, they are so simple that you can follow them while sitting on your couch, drinking a nice cup of tea. Here we go:

  • You will need only a hair brush and thin, fabric elastic band.

  • Tease the whole hair randomly, all over the head, including the roots and the ends too.

  • Then, gather the hair into a high ponytail.

  • Fold the tail into one or two folds, according to the length of the hair, and tie the bun with the hair band.

  • Pull out some strands in order make fluffy-looking roots, which will contribute to the messy effect of the whole hairstyle and also, your hair will look huge, thick and voluminous, if the roots are not greasy, of course.

  • And now, you can enjoy your look while reading a nice book and drinking delicious cup of tea, combined with warm cookies. Oh boy, I suddenly felt the Christmas spirit only by imaging this scenario.

Every young person like to have fun, to go to parties and to make joyful memories with their closest people, but sometimes we need to relax and to feel good in our skin. Come back more often to find more great ideas and tips for your look. See you soon, girls, have a lot of fun!

messy bun for cosy look

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