Mohawk Braid Top Knot

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If you think it is too frustrating to search hours and hours for the perfect hairstyle for your hair, don’t panic – you are not alone. This is why this tutorial will show you how to achieve one of the loveliest and most adorable hairstyles – the half-up, half-down top knot. Few hairstyles can pass as practical and cute like a Mohawk braid top knot can.

Step 1: Brush your hair nicely to remove any knots or tangles. Detangling your hair is a crucial step you shouldn’t miss.

Step 2: Divide your hair into two sections so it will be easier for you to add the curls. You can use as big of a section as you want but tend to do just the top-most layer to save on time. Always use a heat protect spray when you curl your hair. Working with heat protection is vital to the health of your hair. You can either spray it all over the hair before you begin curling, or you can spray on each individual section before you apply the curling iron.

Step 3: Take a large barrel curling iron and start to curl sections of hair. Wrap a relatively small section of your hair around the barrel of the curling wand.

Step 4: Wait for a couple of minutes before releasing the curl. Repeat the process with the next section of your hair.

Step 5: Release the top section and tease it a bit.

Step 6: Spray all over to keep the volume.

Step 7: Create a Dutch braid along the centre of the top of the head.

Step 8: Pull the edges of the braid to make it look bigger.

Step 9: Use a rubber band to secure the braid and tease the ends.

Step 10: When the braid reaches the back of the crown and all the hair is brought in, tie it into a messy bun.

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