Most Amazing Places to Visit in Italy

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Italy is a dream destination for lots of people because of its absolutely enchanting culture and history. Not only is there a vast number of tourist sites or beautiful architectural masterpieces to enjoy, but the weather is great, the natural landscapes are beautiful and the cuisine is one of the world’s favorite! Wine, pasta, and fashion… what can we say more? We all know Rome and Milan, but what about other great places to visit there? Italy is full of fantastic vacation destinations for both types of travelers: people who like to take pleasure in delicious meals and unique beverages or such that want to explore different spots around the country from a historical or cultural point of view. Or are a bit of both? Then Italy is the country for you! We are offering you some journey inspirational ideas below, so that you spend your time in the beautiful Southern European country as well as possible!

  • Let’s start with the classic: Roma! The Italian capital is one of the most historically significant cities in Europe as a whole. It is quite big and there are lots of flight and accommodation opportunities, no doubt. The Coliseum, the Roman Forum and the Pantheon are great example of ancient architecture that should not be missed while you are there. Take some time to visit the Vatican while you are there! The Fontana di Trevi, maybe the most popular spot to snap a picture, is a great place to seal the memory of your trip. Besides, the legend says that if you throw a coin in it, you are bound to come back: so make sure you remember to do that!
  • The next destination on our list is the “second capital” of Italy, or one of the biggest fashion centers in the world, Milan! Its magic lies in the fact that you can see tons of models everywhere during Fashion Week. Your first place to go should be Piazza di Duomo. Go into the huge cathedral first: the feeling is absolutely astonishing! Then you can head to Vittorio Emanuele, said to be one of the world’s first shopping centers, resembling contemporary ones. Next, take a stroll on Via Montenapoleone, where all the expensive boutiques are located. You can browse and get a glimpse of the fashion luxury: Dior, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Gucci! The Sforza castle is another great place to have a nice walk. If you get the chance to go to an opera in La Scala, you will be lucky!
  • Florence is another great place to definitely visit. It is said to be a little more expensive than usual, but you can still have a great time there! Cattedrale de Santa Maria del Fioreshould be first on your list: the art inside is amazing and the remarkable view of the city from above will take your breath away. The statues, galleries and overall architecture of the city will captivate your esthetic feel!
  • Tuscany is a whole region in central Italy, famous for its wine production and beautiful fields. Renting a villa there with the whole family or with a group of friends will be a once in a lifetime experience! You can hike, go to cooking classes, shop, visit museums or simply relax: it is all up to you!
  • We cannot miss Venice, of course! Located in the northeastern parts of Italy, its unique structure makes it an absolute must for travelers. It is actually composed of 117 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. You definitely should get around in a gondola or get one of the Carnevale masks!
  • Lake Como is the last on our list, but it definitely is not the least! The nature there is so incredible that you will not want to leave. Surrounded by mountains, the lake has become a favorite destination for everyone visiting Italy. The villas and gardens there are stunning and getting a ride on the cable car is one of the absolutely must-dos there!

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