Nail Art Trends for Spring 2015

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I know that the spring seems too far away, but we have to be prepared with the trends that will conquer the wardrobes and the beauty shelves at home. Check out the perfect decorations and designs for your nails for the Spring 2015:

Geometric designs will be back. Lines, triangles, diamonds will make our finger tips pretty and trendy. Be brave when you have to choose the colors.

Sand and golden colors. I think that those two will be the eternal trendy colors from now on. This year they were highly recommended and apparently the specialists in this area are presenting them again in the Spring of 2015.

Green. Well, you can expect that – Spring, nature, green. Everything is fresh and there is nothing fresher than the green color.

Golden lines. As we mentioned the golden and the geometric designs it’s absolutely natural to combine them and to end up with the golden lines. And if they are glossy and metallic it will be perfect. This nail art will flatter your whole look.

Matte Bronze. The goddesses nails. We will enjoy the matte decorations a little bit more and after the spring we will see if the matte will be kept for the Summer too.

Metallic hints. Add some details like strips, different shapes and decoration in metallic sparkles. Both golden and silver metallic designs. Firstly, it appeared a little odd to me that the metallic hints will be trendy this Springe, but after a while and after I thought a little bit about that it seem absolutely normal, because of the other fashion items trends. The studs and metallic strips on shoes and bags will be in the game too, so the nails have to be the perfect finish of the whole look.

Cobalt blue. The colors will be highly recommended, especially the bright ones, like the cobalt blue. Use your imagination for the combinations between the colors and you will be pleased with the results.

Gems. Tiny, decoration stuff will make our hands beautiful and also they will reduce the need of many hand accessories. Just match the gems with your earrings or necklace and you will look like a girl who just came out of your favorite fashion magazine.

Wedding white. You will be hearing the wedding bells all the time during the Spring and that’s why the beauty shops have to stock up really well with the wedding white nail polishes.

Honey. It’s a perfect match for the sunny, warm weather. The honey colors are calling the Summer to come faster and to be warmer.

Bright red. Don’t need any discussion. The red manicure is eternal.


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