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  • Start on a bare eye. Before you do anything else apply some primer to the lid.

  • Grab some brownish eye shadow. It shouldn’t be too dark. Depending on the color of your eyes you can choose a softer and more warm shade (brown or black eyes) or if you have green or blue eyes you can choose a brown eye shadow with some purplish shade in it.

  • Apply the brown eye shadow right at the crease. Start somewhere at the outer corner of the eye and stop before you reach the inner corner. Draw a thick line.

  • Grab some white eye shadow. Apply it starting at the inner corner of the lid close to the eye lashes towards the middle of the lid.

  • Now you need some pink. It should go with at the middle of the lid, next to the white, under the brown.

  • Now a softer and lighter shade of brown probably a goldish one will come in hand. You should apply it at the outer corner of the eye.

  • Blend in all of the browns, pinkish and white. All of that should look smooth and natural.

  • With a small angled brush apply the goldish brown shade under the bottom waterline as close to the lashes as possible.

  • Use a nude eye shadow and apply it right under the arch of the brow. Blend that in with everything else. Remember – everything should look like it is flowing naturally.

  • Now grab your eyeliner and draw a very thin line on the lid, starting almost at the middle of it and finish it off with a wink at the end.

  • Then apply the same black product you just have used on the bottom waterline.

  • Use a highlighter. Apply it right under the arch of the brow.

  • Finish off the look with a few coats of your favorite mascara!

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