New Years Eve Glitter Eyes

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Step 1: Apply black eye pencil, starting from the middle of your upper lash line and moving the pencil towards the crease line. Depending on how intense you want your makeup to be, apply a generous amount of the colour on your eyelid.

Step 2: Blend the colour across your lid, so that the shade flows smoothly creating a very soft and realistic tone.

Step 3: Apply silver shadow to fill in the blank space on your lid. Lightly sweep the brush from side to side for a smoky, sultry look. When applying intense pigment, try to concentrate on your inner and outer corners of your eyes to pop up the final look. Then, hold the tip of the handle and swirl in circular motions to softly blend the shadow across your lid.

Step 4: Dip a damp fluffy eyeshadow brush into the silver diamond glitter and dab the colour on your eyelid. To reduce the chances of glitter falling onto your cheeks, lean your head towards a mirror to allow a more favourable angle to apply the shadow.

Step 5: After applying your eyeshadow, use a soft brush to dab a white or cream colour shadow right beneath the arch of you eyebrow. This way you will highlight your brow bone.

Step 6: Next up, use a small makeup brush to trace your waterline with just a hint of silver shadow.

Step 7: With the help of your liquid eyeliner, gently outline your upper lash line. For a more precise angle of your winged liner, draw the flick toward the end of your eyebrow.

Step 8: To contour and define the look of your eyes, use a waterproof eye pencil and run it across your waterline. Last but not least, add several coats of your long-lasting mascara to wrap up the final effect.


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