No-Bake Dessert Recipes to Try This Weekend

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There are a lot of people who say that they do not have time to cook. Surely, they may not cook every day, but at the weekends they can find an hour for this relaxing activity.

Cooking is a hobby to a lot of people because one can quickly see the results of their actions and whether they have turned right or not. It is also relaxing and helps you not think about your problems.

So, today we decided to inspire you and your cooking talent by showing you two no-bake dessert recipes to try on your own. And you can be sure that they will turn out right if you add a little bit of love as well.

#1 Chocolate Cheesecake


10 biscuits
7 tablespoons of melted butter
24 ounces of cream cheese
2 ½ cups of powdered sugar
1 tablespoon of vanilla
1 ½ cups of melted chocolate
2 cups of peanut butter


Step 1
First get the biscuits and put them in a plastic zipper bag. Close the bag and mash the biscuits using a rolling pin. Make sure they are nicely mashed and everything is smooth and sand-like. Then get a bowl and pour the biscuit-powder into it.

Step 2
Get the melted butter and add it into the bowl with the mashed biscuits and mix them well. Then get a cake tin and pour the biscuit mixture into it. It is important not only to spread it evenly, but also to tap it on top to make sure there is no air and this mixture turns into a crust. Put the cake tin into the fridge while you are preparing the other crust of the cake.

Step 3
Get a clean bowl and put in it the cream cheese. Whisk it well and once it looks very creamy-like add 1 and ½ cups of powdered sugar. Whisk the two ingredients well once again until the mixture becomes smooth.

Then add the vanilla and the melted chocolate. Mix the ingredients once again carefully. By the end of the mixing the mixture should turn dark brown because of the color of the melted chocolate.

Step 4
Now get the cake tin out of the fridge and pour the cream cheese mixture on top of it. Once again you need to spread it evenly and be careful about it because the mixture will be quite thick. Then put the cake tin back in the fridge while you are making the last crust of the cake.

Step 5
Pour the peanut butter in a bowl and mix it with 1 cup of powdered sugar (the one that you need to have left). Mix them well until the mixture becomes nice and smooth.

Then get the cake tin out of the fridge and pour the last layer of the cake on top of the first two crusts. You once again need to spread the mixture evenly. Once this is ready, put the cake tin back in the fridge but this time from 2 to 4 hours. Once the time is up the no-bake cake would be ready to be served.

#2 Strawberry cake

The next recipe is quite easy and consists of only three ingredients, so it should be even easier for you to cook it.


4 cups of whipped cream
1 package of biscuits
1 bowl of strawberries


First you need to wash the strawberries and remove the green leaves. Then cut the strawberries into small pieces. The shape of the pieces depends on you and your preferences.

Then get a tin and apply a layer of whipped cream on the bottom. Then add a layer of biscuits by covering the bottom completely (at this point you need to cover the whipped cream layer completely). And then add a third layer, a strawberry one.

You then need to repeat the previous steps three more times – put a layer of each one of the three ingredients by having in mind the order. The last layer you need to apply should be of strawberries. The strawberries for this final layer could be whole ones, or cut in prettier shapes if you like, to make the cake look prettier as a whole.

Then put the tin into fridge for about three hours. Once the time is up, you will have a nice cool ice-creamy cake.



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