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There are times when I wish for a perfect look without any makeup on my face. But my skin isn’t as flawless as I desire to be. That’s why, when I want to achieve natural look I just apply the no-makeup makeup technique. See how to have this perfect look. Just take these tips and add something from you and the result will be stunning. Take a look:

Instead of using foundation, apply on your face a BB cream or just tinted moisturizer. All you need is evening the skin complexion. Use just your fingers as a tool of application and apply it as you apply your daily cream. If you want to hide a pimple or a stronger imperfection you can always use your concealer under the BB cream. There is no harm in that, you won’t loose the no-makeup effect.

If your face seems too pale, you can add blush, but just a little bit and you definitely should use a cream blush rather than a powder one. The cream blush has great effect on the whole look of the face. The healthy glow that it’s creating looks very natural and pretty. Again, use your finger as a tool to apply the blush. Start at the apple of the cheek and in circular motions move upward to the cheekbone.

I know that you want to apply mascara, but I’ll give you an alternative product – petroleum jelly. Use old, clean mascara brush (now you can use a brush from your collection) and apply the vaseline over the lashes. It will give a nice glow to the lashes. If your lashes look short you can apply the hot lash curler trick. Blow the lash curler with your hair dryer till warm. Test the hotness on your lips and if it’s bearable pinch immediately the lashes. Position the curler as close to the lid as you can. Hold that pinch until the curler cools down. And if you want to make the lashes thicker, you can apply black eye shadow on the top waterline, just under the top lash line. Use a small, flat brush.

The lips should look as natural as you can make them look that way. Use simple lip balm, or matte nude or pink lipstick. Don’t apply something too glossy. A tinted lip balm will work perfectly. Go for pink, peach, creamy, juicy colors. A trick for making your lips big and plump in a natural way, without the use of lipstick or pencil, just use cinnamon.  Mix some cinnamon powder and vaseline in a small container. Stir until these ingredients mix together and apply to the lips. Let the cinnamon work for several minutes. It will irritate the skin of the lips a little bit and they will swell and become nicely reddish.

Done! Now you have your stunning no-makeup makeup look!


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