Nostalgic Design For Your Hair

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I know that it is snowing at some places, where some of us live, but that’s not a proper reason to ditch all the spring and summer designs for your look. I have an idea – let’s get nostalgic with the following hair design. It is braided and it requires floral accessories. Take a look at the steps and if you want to look like the Spring Goddess, who came to visit her Winter Sister, you should follow them one by one until you get the proper result. Here we go:

  • If your hair is not long enough, the trick won’t work. Its length must be at least below your shoulders. If this requirement is fulfilled, you should move to the next step.

  • Which is to check if the condition of the hair is proper for the hairstyle – it must be clean at the roots and not curly. It can be slightly wavy, but not curly.

  • If everything is Ok with the hair condition, you should continue with the next step, which requires three thin elastic bands, because you will have to tie the hair into three ponytails. They should be placed a little bit above the neck hair line and they also must be placed on one line.

  • Then, split each tail into a regular braid. Pull out the strands of the braids a little bit in order to create a flat effect of the braids. If the braids are flat, the effect of the bun afterwards will be better.

  • Take one of the side braids and pin it above the other two.

  • Then take the braid at the opposite side of the head and pin it below the braids.

  • Roll the middle ponytail into a twist at the center, between the side braids.

  • Roll the excessive tails into the bun and secure everything with bobby pins.

  • Stick some fake flowers into the bun in order to create the Spring Goddess effect.

  • Enjoy!

Nostalgic Design For Your Hair

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