Nothing to Wear? Try These Fashion Combinations with Items from Your Wardrobe

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There are a lot of girls who constantly complain that they do not have anything to wear even if their wardrobe is full of clothes. So, how to deal with this so common problem? In fact, the answer could be much easier than you think. The only thing is to try some new combinations with clothes you already have.

These are some essential fashion items that probably every girl has in her wardrobe. This way you can wear new outfits without spending money on clothes or having to make room for new ones. If you are curious to find out the fashion combinations, check them out here!

#1 Floral Shirt and jeans

The first fashion combination is for those of you who have a floral shirt in their wardrobe. You can simply match it with a pair of skinny jeans. And to make this outfit more elegant, but at the same time not over the top, put on some high heels in beige or nude color. They will give this sophistication to your outfit without making it too posh.

To make this outfit complete, you need to add a few more accessories. If you want to go to work with this outfit, you could put on some watch. And if you want to protect yourself from the strong sun, then you could put on a hat in the same or similar color to your nude shoes. As for the bag, a simple shoulder one in white would be a perfect match to the outfit.

#2 Black & white

The next fashion combination is quite traditional and you could never make a mistake if you stick to it. The easiest way to match these two items is if you choose a white top with black bottoms. Every woman should have a white shirt in her wardrobe, because it is suitable both for formal events, like special meeting in the office, or more casual ones, like a walk in the park.

You have two options for the bottom part, but you are likely to have either of them – a pair of black pants, or a black skirt. If you choose the skirt, be careful with the length of it. It is best either to choose a long one, to the floor, or a shorter one a little bit above the knee. These two lengths will make you look taller and leaner and not shorter than you actually are.

If you choose this outfit for going to the office, then you could pull all your hair up in a bun. This way you will look more business-oriented. If the event is not that formal, you could simply put your hair down, or have some casual curls. As for the accessories, there is not much need to add many, or better yet one jewelry is more than enough. Just keep it simple with a small necklace, or a thin bracelet.

#3 Mediterranean chic

If you have not have a vacation so far, but you miss the sea, you could dress the part to relief your grief for it. And what better outfit for the purpose than a white and blue piece of clothing. You could try one of these outfits depending on your wardrobe. The first one is wearing a white and blue striped shirt, and the other one is wearing white and blue striped shorts.

It is very easy to match striped clothes, especially such marine stripes. You could simply do it with white. If you have a striped shirt, put on some white pair of pants and you are good to go. You could do the same with the shorts – match them with a white shirt, or w light blue one. You will look good both ways.

When it comes to the shoes, it is best to stick to high heels. In the white-pants version, you could wear white pair of high heels, or blue ones. With the shorts version, you could try wearing platform sandals. They are more comfortable than high heels, you will still look taller and slimmer than you are, and they will complement your shorts well.

Here you could play with accessories, especially with the shorts outfit. Pendant necklaces and charm bracelets are perfect for the summer. You should not forget your hat and sunglasses, of course.

The white pants outfit is more formal, so it is best to keep is simple and avoid wearing a lot of jewelry. However, wearing a nice pair of sunglasses is absolutely mandatory.

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