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You know that the Ombre effect is a huge trend since last spring. You can follow the trend not only with your fancy clothes, but with a proper manicure, hairstyle and even makeup.

Today I want to show you how to create an ombre effect for your lipstick with the help of the beautiful Alexandra. You can find her in her YouTube channel – AlexandrasGirlyTalk.

So, let’s focus on the tutorial and the steps, which will show you how to create the look. Here we go:

  1. At the beginning you must prepare the lips with the proper procedure – soften the skin and exfoliate it in order to create smooth and flawless canvas for the lipstick decoration. The softening part is easy – apply petroleum jelly to the lips and wait a few minutes until it works. Then prepare a homemade lip scrub (because it is natural and cheap) with crystal white sugar and honey and rub the lips with it.

  2. So, the lips are smooth and soft and you can start with the application of the decoration. First, merge the color of the lips with the color of the facial skin with a concealer and a large brush.

  3. Then take a burgundy pencil and line the borders of the lips. Extend the color a little bit to the center, but don’t cover the whole area. First work on the cupid’s bow, then move to the bottom lip and at the end line the corners of the mouth.

  4. Now take a classic red lipstick and fill in the center of the lips with it.

  5. Press the lips one to another in order to merge the colors together.

  6. Fix the mistakes with a concealer around the lips.

  7. All done! Enjoy the look and come back for more great ideas!

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