Top Winter Makeup Trends You Must Try This Season

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There are a lot of women who are not big fans of winter and they search for different ways to deal with their winter depression. Well, my secret is makeup – when I feel down I put the best kind of makeup on and this immediately improves my mood. If you also like wearing makeup and you are eager to learn all the new trends, then you could try out these interesting winter trends which will improve your winter mood and will make you feel better and more beautiful. Check them out!

#1 Bold eyeliner

Winter is the perfect season to experiment with your eyeliner especially if you are not much into other type of makeup, like eyeshadow. This winter you could experiment as much as you want with your eyeliner because one of the top makeup trends this season will be all about bold and unusual eyeliners. You could take your eyeliner to an extreme and make it long and thick. Or you could also try a bottom eyeliner that is long and thick that goes a little under your bottom lash line.

#2 Add glitter

Another of the leading trends this winter is not an uncommon one. During the Christmas holidays, and especially on New Year’s Eve, makeup is glamorous and shiny. A lot of women add some more sparkles and glitter on their eyes. And if you also like glitter, you could take advantage of this trend and apply some more glittery eyeshadow. But your eyelashes are not the only part of your eyes you could apply glitter on. This season there is another trend coming up and this is glitter on your brows. More and more women have started lining the bottom line of their eyebrows with glitter. It is a fun trend perfect for a party.

#3 Matte lipstick

If you are a fan of the matte lipstick, then hurry up and take advantage of it while it is still one of the current trends because with the coming of the new year, matte lipsticks will give their place to glossy lipsticks. But still winter season is an ideal one for matte lipstick and you can continue wearing it, at least until the Christmas holidays.

#4 Dark lipstick

Another trend which is very typical for the cold month of the year is dark colors. People usually wear these dark colors on their clothes but this season take the dark colors to the next level and wear them on their lips. After all what is the best time of the year to wear dark blue or black lipstick than fall and winter?! So, if you like these dark colors, including any other dark hue you like, wear them as a lipstick this winter season.

#5 Twiggy lashes

One of the top fashion icon of all times Twiggy is famous for hes iconic lashes. Her unique look is one of the things that makes her so popular. If you do not know her, you’d better check some pics of her in the Internet and check her iconic lashes because this winter season they will be also one of the hot trends. You can add falsies, or if you prefer natural lashes apply voluminous mascara. You should also not forget to apply some powder on your lashes before you apply the mascara because this is going to give some more volume to your lashes.

#6 Silver

The next makeup trend that is hot right now and will continue to be during the winter holidays is silver. This includes not only silver nail polish, but also silver makeup, with a special accent on one’s eyes. You could apply silver metallic eyeshadow, or even glittering shadows. Silver is a color that matches the white color of the winter. And it is also going to be a nice match to your holiday outfits. That is why you should not be afraid to wear it this season.

#7 Colorful eyes

If you are used to wearing only earth-color eyeshadow, or even no shadows but only eyeliner and mascara, then you will probably find it strange to wear colorful eyeshadow, especially during the winter. This is because vivid colors, like rink, green, blue, yellow, are most usually linked to the warmer months of the year, and they are hardly typical for a winter-kind of makeup.

But who says that makeup trends should always be typical? If you are not afraid to experiment, then you could add some vivid colors to your eye makeup. And this could even get you in a better mood and help you wait for the summer with some extra patience.

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