Outfit Ideas to Try This March

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Every month should be a new reason to celebrate fashion and the current fashion trends. This way one can embrace the weather no matter whether they like it or it is not their favorite time of the year. We think that fashion makes everything better including our mood.

Today we have prepared for you some fashion ideas to try this March. Since the end of winter is near and spring brings more brightness and colorfulness, we have prepared for you some outfit ideas that are perfect for the welcoming of spring and suitable for saying “goodbye” to the winter.

#1 Colors, colors, colors

The first of our suggestions combines exactly the arrival of the colorful spring when the temperatures are still wintery. For this outfit we have chosen long yellow woolen coat that will keep you warm in the cold March days.

We have matched it with a pair of long red pants and a purple blouse. You could wear a white shirt under the blouse and if you get too warm, you could take off the blouse and wear the shirt only.

This is a fresh type of outfit perfectly suitable for this month. When it comes to the shoes, you may wear it with some ankle boots which are again suitable for the weather. And you could match it with some golden accessories, like a watch for example.

#2 Pastel colors rule

I am personally in love with pastel colors, especially green, blue, and brown. They are suitable for this time of the year when it is still not too warm and people may wear darker colors as well. For this outfit we have chosen long military green trench coat for the warmer days of March. Then we have matched it with a pair of fitted skinny jeans and a loose grey top.

The next item of the outfit that is essential for the overall finish of it is the shoes. We have chosen dark brown suede boots that are above the knee. If you think that you will feel comfortable with them and that they will match your body type, then you definitely should make your outfit complete with them.

#3 Short pants in March

The next type of outfit we have prepared for you could be considered a little strange by some of you, but in general it is an interesting choice for the end of winter. The main item of the outfit is a pair of checked short pants. Wear them with some pantyhose underneath.

You also can match the short pants with a shirt and you could put on top of the shirt some vest to keep you warmer. You will also need some outerwear for which you can choose a coat in dark blue color the length of which needs to be up to your waist. And do not forget to put some long boots.

#4 A hat and some fur

The next outfit with have prepared for you has two main items – a hat and a collar with faux fur. The woolen floppy hat is one of the perfect accessories for the end-of-winter days. Hats are elegant and make a woman look classy. The next item, the piece of faux fur collar, will match the winter season and it will add some accent to the outfit.

As for the main part of the outfit, you may choose a pair of black skinny jeans. You can match them with a pair of ankle boots in grey, or again in black but with some metal decorations on it.

As for the outerwear, make sure you choose one that suits the collar. Personally I would wear it with grey trench coat and some shirt underneath. You will definitely make an impression if you choose to wear such outfit.

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