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You are gorgeous. Always believe in that fact. If you want to be convinced, you should enhance your best features with a little bit of makeup. For instance, if you have outstanding lips, you should enhance them with beautiful colors. So, pick a favorite feature of your face and enhance it with beautiful designs. But first, let’s pay attention to the little details that are too important to be neglected. For example, the brows. You might have gorgeous eyes, and gorgeous makeup design on them, but if the brows are thin and pale, the effect won’t look finished. Let me show you how to shape and fill in your brows all by yourself. Take a look at the steps:

  • First, you have to choose the right shape for your eyebrows. The shape of the brows must keep the balance of the facial features. Make the trick with the pencil in order to define the places of the brow beginning, end and arch.

  • Once the shape of the brow is defined, you should apply the color. First, brush the brow in order to organize the hairs and to see which ones to pluck with the tweezers.

  • Then, line the desired shape with a thin brush or brow pencil.

  • Fill in the shape with the very same pencil.

  • Then, make the brow darker and bolder with one or two shades darker color. Apply it with a brush in order to create natural-looking texture of the fake brow.

  • This step is important – highlight the area around the brow. This little step will create a smooth contrast, which will enhance the beautiful shape of the brow even more. \

  • Then, brush out the brow with a clean comb in order to remove the excessive color build-ups and to smudge the edges a little bit. After all, we want to achieve a natural look.



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