Princess Sleek High Bun Tutorial

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Everyone says you should feel like a princess on your wedding day or at least every now and then when you wish to feel special. Despite their rags-to-riches stories that generally don’t include growing up with a personal hairstylist, the Disney princess world has got their hair game on serious lock. It seems like they have the perfect hair all the time, especially when it is coiled into a big bun. Whether it’s for a day at the beach or your cousin’s midsummer wedding, there are tons of ways to throw your hair into a stylish updo to look like a real princess. Practice definitely makes perfect with this effortlessly cool hairstyle. It can be a little tricky, but you’ll have this princess sleek high bun hair in no time after following this easy tutorial. For a voluminous bun sans bun shaping donut, this cute and girly look only uses a couple of products to achieve this carefree updo.

Step 1: Brush your hair nicely to remove any knots or tangles. A boar bristle brush or a wet brush should be your best friend! With long hair, it is super important that your hair brush helps smooth the hair shaft, to minimize any breakage.

Step 2: Divide your hair into two sections – one small at the front from the ear up and the other is going to be the rest of your hair.

Step 3: Grab the second large portion and tie it into a high ponytail. Use your fingers to make sure that your ponytail is even and neat.

Step 4: Place the ponytail in front of your face.

Step 5: Place a donut at the base of the pony and secure it with enough bobby pins to keep it secured.

Step 6: Place the ponytail on top, wrapping it nicely to form a bun.

Step 7: Secure the rest of the ponytail around with a bobby pin.

Step 8: Tease the front loose section nicely.

Step 9: Smooth it backwards and pin it near the bun.

Step 10: Add some firm-hold hairspray over your princess sleek bun. Finish off your look by adding some pearl pearls on the side.

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