Problems Women Face Every Summer And How To Cope With Them

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People cannot wait for the summer to come. This is when the big fun starts, going to the beach, getting beautiful bronze tan, partying all night. Everything looks like in a hot summer music video, where all the men and women are beautiful and living the time of their lives. But wait, isn’t all of this fake, just to make us believe that everything in the summer is perfect and people have no problems at all. Well, of course, not. There are some quite annoying problems women face every summer. Here they are and how to solve them in the best possible way, that is if you can solve them at all.

  1. Having to shave your legs regularly
    It is hot in the summer, so women like to wear clothes with less fabric, but this unfortunately means that shaving your legs should be whenever a few new hairs appear. And if you are one of the very unlucky ones whose leg hairs grow as fast as the wind, then you probably have to shave your legs every other day, if not every day. And in the end, your legs are even not that smooth. If you want to change this, you may start using some of the other hair-removal techniques. You may start using depilator or waxing. Of course, both of them have their disadvantages. Some women are very sensitive to pain, and it these techniques are just unbearable for them. And if you are tired of hair-removal, just save some money and try one of the permanent hair-removal procedures.
  2. Melting makeup
    It is hot in the summer, and sometimes too hot. So, what happens when the weather is hot – you start sweating. And when you start sweating, and when you are wearing makeup, it just looks like you are melting. It is very uncomfortable, because you not only look, let’s say, not that good, but you also feel terrible. You want to wipe some of the sweat off your face, but when you do it, the situation becomes even worse. It smears more and more and you just start wishing you did not put on makeup in the first place. However, there is something you could do about this. In the first place, forget about applying foundation, because your makeup will smear quite easily with it. And if you just cannot do without foundation, then there is one thing you can do about it – simply put on some concealer before you put on the foundation. This will help the foundation stay on your face longer. And there is one more thing you could try, just use some makeup protector. It will slow down the smear process.
  3. Sweating stains
    Horrible, horrible, horrible… Sweat stains under your armpits, of course! And sometimes not even the armpits, but also on your back, under your boobs, on your neck, on your legs… It is just a nightmare! A lady can hardly let her hair loose, because of all the sweat that will appear on her neck. And not to mention sitting on a leather chair or sofa when you are sweaty and wearing either shorts or a mini skirt – you just stick to it. And how about all those clothes the fabric of which is not sweat-proof? In other words, certain types of clothes are so sneaky, because they immediately show the people around you that you are sweaty.

So, what to do to prevent this from happening? If you want your clothes not to look like you have spilled something on them, choose clothes made of natural fabrics, like cotton, especially if it is in combination with polyester. There are even some tools that may help you with the sweat stains under the armpits – use sweat pads. They will absorb the sweat under your armpits. If you are not wearing a tank top, they won’t show up and you will be finally able to put your hands up without being uncomfortable. When it comes to the problem with naked skin and leather seats, well, here is a small trick you can try – just apply some baby powder on your legs. Just be careful with the amount, because you would not want to look like a ghost after all. Baby powder will absorb the sweat and this way you won’t stick to the leather. As for not being able to let your hair down in the summer months, just learn how to make some of the greatest hair updos. And who knows, it may turn out that you like yourself more this way than with your hair loose.

  1. Extra dead skin on your feet:
    It turns out that every of your body parts could suffer in the summer. In the summer, people do not only wear clothes with less fabric, they wear shoes with less material, aka sandals or flip flops. The good news is that such shoes keep your feet cool. The bad news is that the skin of your feet will start peeling off even more, it will be drier and you can hurt it more easily. So, if you want to prevent this from happening, you need to take extra care of your feet. First of all you need to make sure that your shoes are comfortable. Sure, there are some very cheap pairs of sandals, but remember that lower costs may cost you your comfort. You also have to make sure that your feet are well moisturized. This way your skin will peel off less. Or you could just get one of the electric foot care tools, that remove dead skin.

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