Pull Through Braid Tutorial

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A new and unique beautiful look – pull through braid which can be easily achieved without the need for mohawk.

Before we begin, we are going to need a handful of the tiny, painful, elastic bands, probably 5 or 6 of them, and you are also going to need a hair clip that can clip away large sections of hair.

We are going to begin by creating out first section of hair and it will be perfect if you section right at your temple, draw a line up as if you are doing a puff down ponytails and then just secure with your elastic. So, as you will see, it kind of looks messy at the top which is perfect for a casual day out but if you prefer a more formal look then just sleek this part back and it will look amazing. Now, with the ponytail that you have just created, you will want to clip it out of the way as much as you can so that you can start your neck section.

Grab the hair right behind your ears and pull it back to create the second section of hair (secure with another elastic band). Not, unclip the first ponytail, pull it into two, take the second ponytail you just made and pull it up out of the way, between the two parts of the first ponytail. What you need to do next is create two more ponytails in the exact same way, combining the previous sections of hair as you progress.

Then just unclip the last ponytail that you made and split that into two, like you did before, pull out the new pony out of the way, and with all the remaining hair create one last low pony tail. Unclip the ponytail above that is remaining and continue this till you get to the bottom of your hair.

This might take you a few trial and error efforts, but it is so worth learning how to create this casual look that will make people turn around on the street.



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